Travel Safe With Religare

Religare Health Insurance,an award winning Health Insurance company that secured the title of ‘The Best Health Insurance Company 2015’, continues its legacy of excellence with its recent inclusion of Travel Insurance in its services. Religare Health Insurance is an arm of Religare Enterprises Limited. A special health insurer offering insurance services to employees, individual customers and for financial inclusion as well,their consistency in quality service provision is their trademark. These brilliant services serve as a fair justification of their philosophy based on  “customer centrality”and product innovation.

Launched in July 2012, the company offers health insurance to employers of corporates and individual customers.Religare Health Insurance has made significant progress in a short time.The company opened its doors to travel bloggers and recently conducted a discussion at Lodhi Garden, New Delhi that focussed on the existent and potential challenges that one might come across while travelling.The company came up with their plan, ‘Explore’, the salient features of which have been described below : 

  • Hospitalisation Expenses
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Dental Expenses
  • Coverage of pre existing diseases in case of life threatening situations
  • Loss of checked-in baggage and passport
  • Compensation for trip cancellation and interruption
  • Up-gradation to business class

The principal aim of this meeting was to have an informal, yet productive conversation with passionate travel bloggers of India and record their suggestions and opinions regarding their initiative. Having successfully hosted the meet, Rupinder Singh, the head of the Digital Sales Department said, “This is a perfect platform to present our product to the right influencer group, besides reaching out to the audience. We received a lot of queries and genuine feedback that will help us deal with the growing challenges of a traveller. With our commitment to superior products and experience to our costumers,we hope to continue to improvise in our area of expertise.” The event was thus, a great success and has paved way for an efficient execution of their new initiative.


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Pondicherry : Exploring the French Town

India is undoubtedly nothing less than the utopia of an itinerant. Vast and disparate that it may be, each part of the country is in itself a marvel of nature. South being the land of heritage, beaches and temples comprises states that epitomise natural beauty and essence. Bound by south-eastern Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry is one such place. To visit a place and make the most of it  are two different things, and to achieve the latter, we bring to you a guide to the perfect Pondicherry trip. This enlists all the things that you cannot afford to miss out on when you visit the union territory!

FullSizeRender (72)

THE FRENCH QUARTERS – Pondicherry was once a French colony and its French quarters bear testament to this fact. Visiting the French quarters takes one back in time. The houses in this region are symbolic of the Franco-Tamil or Creole architecture. The French left in the early 1950’s but the heritage that remains is beautiful. 


AUROVILLE – the city of dawn as it is better defined, definitely calls for a visit. The Matrimandir, which is a golden metallic sphere located in the centre of the town, is the abode of peace and tranquility. Auroville is a township that was envisioned by the Mother, spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo. You cannot miss out on exploring Auroville, it is a different world altogether. I haven’t spent much time there myself but I promise I will write an entire blog on Auroville once I go back again.


HERITAGE WALKS – Another exciting aspect of visiting the city is the Heritage walk in which one discovers the city by literally walking through the lanes of history. The four and a half hour tour will acquaint you with the past and the present heritage of the city. The tour starts at the Ashram Post Office and Hotel de I’Orient is the end point. The tour can be taken on any day  in the mornings or afternoons. There are many heritage walks groups that you can choose from. We walked around the city on our own and did the bike tour which was exciting.

FullSizeRender (48)

BEACHES – The union territory is home to some of the most scenic beaches of the country. If you’re looking forward to relaxing in the lap of nature, the Paradise beach is the perfect spot for you. Beach volleyball and eateries are some of the services that the beach offers. The Serenity beach with its enormous waves is another picturesque place that is meant for the adventure enthusiasts and is suitable for surfing.

FullSizeRender (73)

CHURCHES – Being the land of religion and culture, Pondicherry has some of the most beautiful churches where one can find peace and composure of the mind and body. Our Lady of Angels is the only church that offers mass in three languages :  French, Tamil and English. so next time you are there do not miss the mass in French!


HANDCRAFT SHOPPING -Also, the local markets are a shopping paradise for all shopaholics and art lovers as they offer a plethora of handmade stuff and interior decorative material. Handicrafts and art pieces are other specialties of the place that are a ‘must shop’. I bought many tiny handmade books and bookmarks for my friends and myself. 


CAFE CULTURE – Pondicherry  proves to be a utopia for all gourmands and connoisseurs. The union territory offers a plethora of restaurants and food outlets that serve delicacies one can relish and I bring to you some of the best restaurants you can’t afford to miss when you are in Pondicherry. I went to more than ten restaurants in three days and I have written a separate article on this which you can read here!


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Bougainvillea Love – Blossom Me!

The only thing I love about delhi summers is how you can find bouts of Bougainvillea all over the city. And believe me, it is the most amazing sight in delhi. They breathe new life to the city by draping Delhi in pretty shades of pink at every corner. It was just one of those days when I was going to meet some friends when I spotted a Bougainvillea bush in full bloom somewhere around Lodhi Estate. I immediately thought of getting a few pictures clicked.

I am wearing the same Zara dress I wore on my birthday. I love this powder blue dress with embroidery on it. I am sure you know my love for embroidery if you have been reading my fashion posts. It is the best thing to have happened to the fashion industry. I bought an embroidered denims recently and cannot wait to share the pictures with you guys.

Here are a few shots, hope you guys like it!





FullSizeRender (67)

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The Dubai Mall – Exploring the Huge Mall

Enclosing a different world within its unfathomable area is the Dubai Mall. The fifth largest mall in the world, spreading over an area of 3.77 million square feet, the magnificence of this architectural marvel is impossible to put in words. It consists of the Burj Khalifa building, world’s largest dancing fountain, an ice skating ring and a movie theatre with 22 screens, taking extravagance to another level. A plethora of restaurants serving the best cuisines from around the world and a gold souk add to the luxurious décor of The Dubai Mall.

FullSizeRender (59)

the dubai mallFullSizeRender (64)

Although I’ve been to malls in many other countries and wasn’t really keen on this one but once I set foot in it and came across the collection that it offered, it became irresistible. Being a shopaholic, I couldn’t resist going to the mall on all the three days that I was in Dubai. Keeping track of time is quite a task while exploring the never ending shopping possibilities. It’s simply madness! The only drawback while shopping in a huge mall like this one is navigation. Although maps have been installed in the mall, my suggestion to all Indians who plan on visiting this mall is that you should prepare a list of all the things that you’d like to buy and the shops that you want to visit. This is an extremely helpful time saving technique and will save you a lot of exertion owing to walking. Although I hate walking, but the spirit of shopping kept me going. Thank God for the amazing restaurants that the mall has.

the dubai mall

FullSizeRender (60)

I visited a lot of them and the delicacies that served were heavenly! Hatam and The Cheesecake Factory definitely call for a visit. The cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory are worth dying for and the Humming bird café is yet another ‘one of a kind’ treat for gourmands and gourmets alike.You can enjoy Shisha and amazing food in Wafi while watching the fountain show. Eateries are scattered all over the place at The Dubai Mall and the decorations of the dessert shops feel like a part of a fairytale.  Lying on the outside area of the mall, Blanca serves you with the perfect food. Blanca has a nice view of the fountain show as well, you will enjoy eating like never before in this restaurant. I regret about not having enough time and missing out on places like Shakespeare and Co.

the dubai mall

The fountain show is something that you cannot afford to miss at The Dubai Mall. If you are not a shopaholic or you are visiting Dubai from countries which have all the brands, you can miss out on the mall but watching the fountain show becomes imperative to consummate your visit. Starting at 6 PM, the show takes place every 45 minutes. Watching 500 feet high fountains with various mellifluous tunes in the background is magical! It can also serve as a refreshing break from the tiring shopping spree. It was a nearly perfect place to visit and the best shopping experience I have had in a long time! 

Here are some pictures taken in and around The Dubai Mall, hope you like them!

FullSizeRender (57)

the mall of dubai

FullSizeRender (55)

FullSizeRender (52)

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Daniel Wellington – Classic Petite Collection

Your outfit and footwear do not help you get the perfect look! A classy watch can do wonders. A watch is an essential that should be carefully picked and worn, as it may affect your look a great deal, for the better or the worse! Daniel Wellington , a Swedish watch company has been in the business for six years now, and has made a mark with their suave and graceful watches for men and women.


Watches at Daniel Wellington are sorted into various collections, namely, Classic including Classic Black and Classic Petite, Dapper and Classy. The Classic Collection is perfectly suited for all occasions and can be carried anywhere with perfect confidence.However, I am in love with their brand new collection, that is their very first 32mm watch and their very first time piece with a Mesh Strap. The watches have a minimalistic and sophisticated look to them and define Class in the true sense. The watches are available in two colors- Rose gold and Silver. The choice of color is available in all the collections, whereas the size is specific to the collections.

I recently got a Classic Petite timepiece with  a black dial, the rose gold colored watch has my heart and is just appropriate for every look and occasion. The strap is adjustable and serves as a source of variation, making the watch compatible with many outfits and looks. Thus, Versatile and elegant are two words that sum up the entire idea of Daniel Wellington. You can use my code “TRAVEL” to get 15% off on your favorite watch from their website. This is valid till 30th September 2017. Also, not confined to watches, they offer pretty bracelets and cuffs too. One can find all products from their website and order them. Worldwide shipping, a display of all products sorted into collections and a watch band selector are some of the facilities that can be availed from the official website. In addition, Daniel Wellington is now available at Ethos Boutique in Select Citywalk Mall in Delhi. Opening in more Ethos stores around India soon!

dw2 dw1 dw

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My Envy Box May 2017

Now here MAY be a very good news! With the arrival of a new month, arrives your new ‘My Envy Box’ loaded with all the luxurious beauty and skin care products.This enterprise initiated in 2013 for men and women around the world to realize their skincare and beauty fantasies, allows its members to try out exotic grooming product samples every month and buy their full sized versions at any outlet.

The May edition of My Envy Box is out and it brings along choicest products like always. Here is a list of the things that came in my Envy Box:

  • Nature’s Co Mango Cream body wash
  • Cheryl’s Derma Shade SPF 30
  • Fuschia Herbal Fusion Handmade Shampoo
  • GRECOBE The Green Coffee
  • L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Hand Cream and
  • Omorfee Be Exotic Mellow Drizzle Toner

If you loved any of the above product, then avail it from your nearby outlet or be  a part of their loyalty programme to collect and redeem ‘Envy Points’ for handpicked products!

envy box

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Dress With Confidence – You are How You Dress

Thick thighs, potato, fatso, plumpy and what not! Body shaming has become as ubiqutous as obesity these days. Though it may sound light hearted and funny, but it is quite hurtful and might also lead to the development of an inferiority complex or even depression. Instead of falling a prey to such criticisms and letting them get the better of you, one should combat this ill practice. Try to make improvements in your lifestyle and try to achieve a fit body. And most importantly, you should accept your body the way it is and have confidence in yourself. Dress with confidence because you are what you wera!Here are some tips to dressing right, smart and carrying yourself effortlessly 

  • Always stick to basics. Well tailored fabrics never go out of style. Also, dressing smartly is the trick. Wearing dark coloured fabrics on heavy parts of the body will make them look toned. Wear what suits you and you will get it right!


  • Don’t follow Trends Blindly : Trends are fun to follow, but stepping out of your comfort zone to merely follow trends is not advisable. Being uncomfortable in your outfit will pave way for low confidence and clumsiness. Always remember, confidence is the most impressive thing that one can wear. IMG_0200 
  • Accessorise Well : Accessories play a very important role in ensuring good dressing. Accessorise to attract attention. If you have heavy arms then do not wear armlets or bangles, rather wear a nice neck piece that will deviate all the attention towards your shoulders and neck.


  • Comfortable Footwear : Wearing comfortable and classy footwear is the ultimate dressing tip. Heels are classy but not always the right thing to wear. At times, slipping on sneakers or flip flops is the right thing to do.


  • Only Your Opinion Counts : The last and the most important tip: Only your opinion matters. No matter what people think and say, you should find yourself beautiful and carry yourself with grace and confidence. Remember, following trends are not always fun, making your own style trend is ultimate bliss!


P.S – You can use my code “TRAVEL” to get 15% off on your favourite watch from Daniel Wellington In the picture I am wearing their brand new collection. Their very first 32mm watch and the first time piece with a mesh strap!

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Taj Dubai – Luxury At Its Finest

taj dubai

My recent trip to Dubai was nothing less than a luxury ride packed with sumptuous facilities and rejuvenation of the mind and the body owing to the stay at the Taj Dubai . While visiting a place like Dubai one might easily be confused about the hotel to put up at, but our decision to stay at The Taj Dubai was more than just good. It proved to be fulfilling!

Located in the heart of the city, it is a 20 minute long drive from the Dubai International Airport and the hotel is the epitome of opulence and scenic beauty. Offering 265 rooms and 31 suites, we even got to pick between a smoking and a non smoking room. TajDubi offers 9 types of rooms, all of which are equipped with a luxurious bed, a flat screen TV, Wi-Fi internet, Burj view and other first world pleasures that include sauna, personal pantry and much more.

The décor Taj Dubai was an icing on the cake. A fusion of Indian and contemporary styles, it was adorned by shades of brown, yellow and beige that gave it a peaceful and classy touch. My room was my favourite place and I found it difficult to leave, each time we had to check out. It had everything that one can wish for, a king size bed, beautiful décor, a marbled bathroom with double sinks and Molton Brown toiletries. Being on the 26th floor, the room offered a panoramic view of the majestic Burj Khalifa. It was hard keeping my eyes off it, since it was grand! The fountain show that takes place in the evening in the Mall of Dubai can also be viewed from the hotel room.

Not to forget, the food served at the Bombay Brassiere was quite a treat! Arabian delicacies offered there were lavish. I didn’t get time to visit and eat at the other two restaurants as I was busy exploring other restaurants in the city, but they do call for a visit. I can undoubtedly label it as my best hotel stay in a really long time. Though the pool area was not as large as I expected it to be, but I did not get the time to relax in the pool, my shopping spree kept me quite occupied! Though I’ve been an avid fan of the Taj properties, but the splendid view made this one the best.

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

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