A Hextraordinary Experience : Tata Motors Hexa!

The much awaited Tata Hexa  experience came to Gurgaon last weekend with much fanfare. The setup was magnificent with a huge area acquired, an offroad setup plus a fancy pavilion with all the Tata brands under one roof. The stall of Tata hotels was a good platform to get a know-how about all the Tata group properties. The Tata housing stall had all the information about the groups foray into the real estate market. Similarly Croma and Tata beverages stall gave information of their respective work areas. There were some fun activities as well with a Gif booth and also a picture station. The Pavilion had a food court comprising of brands like Pizza Hut, Burger King and Karim’s with their respective lip smacking cuisine. However the highlight of this pavilion was the kids play area and an adorable pet adoption centre. The pavilion reeked of luxury and elegance from the very start. The atmosphere was eclectic with car enthusiasts and also the evening had a musical touch to it with the renowned Midival Punditz setting the evening on fire.

Coming back to the main attaraction of the evening, the phenomenal HEXA. The car looks like a beast with massive presence. We test drove the 2.0 manual which was way too spacious when compared to the other cars in the same segment. Something worth mentioning here is the sitting position on the front seats. The person sitting in the front seats would have a commanding view of the road which is always a plus for any car of that segment. the car loaded with all the quintessential features also scores big on luxury with fancy features like voice command and the state of the art entertainment system. The features in Hexa like 10 speaker JBL system, ambient mood lighting, 19 inch alloys and stylish wrap around tail light makes the car look very stylish. Unlike the other cars in the same segment, Hexa offers extremely comfortable back row seats which makes this car a steal. With a very strong engine, luxiourous and spacious interiors, with the trusted TATA name, this car is sure to make deep inroads into the segment  and leads the segment in coming month. Watch out for this beast.





Look out for the Tata Motors Hexa Experience in your city or simply go to the nearest Tata Motors showroom and take this beast for a drive!

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McLeod Ganj is tucked in the mighty Himalayas, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is an enticingly diverse state with some of India’s best hill stations and Mcleodganj is loved by all. It’s the home to Dalai Lama since his exile from Tibet as well as a thousand refugees from Tibet. It’s a must on every traveler’s bucket list. The easiest way to travel to this heavenly abode is by boarding an overnight bus from Delhi, also accessible by air, the nearest airport being in Kangra, 20km from McLeodganj. There are numerous accommodation options once you reach there. Face it, here are ten reasons why you can’t miss out on McLeodganj.


1Scenic beauty: there’s something about hill stations, they might look alike to some extent but the feeling each one gives is totally different. If you’re lucky you might experience four seasons in a day or within a few hours, fog, rains, sun peering from behind the heavy clouds or bright sunlight. Get absorbed in the green paradise, breathing the fresh unpolluted air and soaking in the beauty.


2. Dalai Lama : His Holiness Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso is the spiritual leader of Tibet. Thousands of tourists travel to Mcleodganj only to meet Dalai Lama. If you’re lucky you might spot Dalai Lama walking down the cobbled streets of McLeodganj. Also, this can be one of the many reasons why people visit this place.You’ll find hundreds of monks, men and women walking around the town. Most of them are very friendly.


3. Trekking: There are numerous adventurous treks you can take from McLeod Ganj. The most famous being the Triund trek (I’ve been to McLeod Ganj thrice but haven’t got the courage to walk 20kms yet, so I’ve skipped this.) Then there is the trek to Snowline, if you want to go further from Triund, which is around 4kms. You can also hike to places like Dharamkot, Bhagsu, and explore the entire town by walking which gives you the touristy feel instead of taking cabs or auto rickshaws.


4. Café culture: This is what I love most about McLeod Ganj, the quaint cafes where I can catch up on all the pending reading and watch the monks (of both sexes) in tiny groups, the locals and tourists walk around the town when I look up from my book. Good food is not difficult to find, cafes like Moonpeak and Mandala are very popular among the tourists and the locals, also the friendly monks. It’s a must to try the scrumptious Himalayan thali in Moonpeak, also Tenthuk and pancakes in Cafe Mandala. While wandering about in Jogiwara Road we came across Illiterati, a cafe filled with a diverse range of books and overlooking the mighty mountains. Jimmy’s Kitchen and Nick’s Italian Kitchen are the best options for Italian cuisine!


5Food, food and more food: Yes food! The food in most hill stations in India is incomplete without momos (dumplings) and Maggi. Maggi was banned but its back again and nothing like hot piping maggi up in the hills. You can’t miss the Himachali Thali in Moon Peak Cafe. We liked the food so much that we went back for breakfast too. If you have a sweet tooth like me head over to The Chocolate Log, this is a comfort zone for all dessert lovers. drop by in Jimmy’s Kitchen for Italian. You cannot miss Cafe Iliterati because it offers a great view accompanied with books that you can buy or simply read while enjoy the delicious food.


6Shiva cafe and Bhagsu : Bhagsu is 2 kms from Mcleodganj and autorickshaws and taxis are easily available. Some people hike up to Bhagsu too which is not a bad idea. The Shiva temple is the main attraction in Bhagsu. Apart from the temple there is a 30 feet waterfall which is located in Bhagsunag village. It is around 1km from the temple and the only option to reach the waterfall is by walking. Shiva cafe is close to Bhagsunag waterfall and it definitely worth it to pay a visit. It is steep hike but you will not regret it. The tranquil environment and the sound of the flowing rivulet is an experience you will remember for long. 


7. Short term courses and Volunteering: McLeod Ganj offers pretty much every cool course you can think of, starting from Yoga classes to cooking classes. It’s never a bad idea to enroll yourself in one of these classes. Also, it’s not very difficult to find these courses as you’ll see posters of various courses stuck on most walls in the town. Volunteering in one of the schools is very popular among the local and foreign tourists, which forms a basis for culture exchange.


8. Shopping : Mcleodganj’s local street shops are a great place to pick up souvenirs for your family and friends. In addition to wooden masks, beads, wool carpets, Tibetan books, meditation music and herbal incense, you can also find rare artefacts and Tibetans books. Keep in mind bargaining can save a lot of your money.  You must visit the shop inside The Norbulingka Institute too.



9. Dal lake and Naddi point : Yes you read it right, Dal Lake is a small mid-altitude lake 1,775 m above sea level, near a beautiful village “Tota Rani”. The lake is surrounded by deodar trees which makes it even more scenic. The lake has greenish water almost throughout the year. It is considered sacred as there is a Shiva temple on its bank. Naddi view point is the top point of Mcleodganj and famous for the stunning sunrise and sunset views. The view is mesmerising from Naddi point. Make sure you go on a nice and sunny day to get the scenic view of the mountains. The day we went on our last trip it was very cloudy but I have been there a lot of times.

10. A Perfect Place to Unwind : City life gets mundane once in a while and we always have options to visit so many hill stations, Mcleodganj being one of them. Pack your bags and spend the weekend at this beautiful place and simply unwind.


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THE LALIT MANGAR – A Serene Getaway!

Snuggled amidst the Aravalli hills, The Lalit Mangar is a brand new luxury resort and spa destination in Faridabad. If you’re seeking a dose of bliss in the lap of nature then The Lalit Mangar is a wonderfully creative eco-getaway that you are sure to love. The hotel grounds are spread over a fairly large area. Home to about 6 lac trees, in an area of 677 acres, this resort is steeped in tranquility. Every effort has been taken to ensure guests feel completely rejuvenated.

 The accommodation – partly crafted using materials like the earth chalk and gravel in layers is environment friendly. Rammed earth is non-toxic, non-polluting and ‘breathes’. This creates safer, more eco friendly buildings and extremely comfortable to live in. The Lalit Mangar offers 34 luxury suites which look out onto the valley and its tranquil vibe is hard to match elsewhere.

The menu at the Lalit Mangar combines traditional Indian and continental recipes for a healthy, yet sumptuous dining experience. The restaurant serves healthy, gourmet food, using organic vegetables. I still cannot forget the mutton they served for lunch. Its all about a healthy lifestyle at The Lalit Mangar which makes your experience even more worthwhile.

The spa offers a range of ancient healing methods and treatments for backache, arthritis, stress, weight loss and detox. You do not have to worry about missing out on your daily workout schedule because the gym at The Lalit Mangar has the latest equipments and offers health enthusiasts a complete fitness solution. If you are into yoga, they have got you covered. Get ready for a full-blown mind-body-soul experience.

There are non-stop activities for everyone to enjoy within the vicinity. Imagine leisure cycling in the Mangar Bani Valley. You can cycle to the nearest village and find culture at every turn and warm hospitality from the people. The ‘Tapri’ experience is perfect on quiet evenings sipping on hot tea in the company of family and friends with a live performance by folk musicians. Adventure enthusiasts have a lot of options. Rock climbing, Zip line, Pottery and many other activities ensures an amazing stay at The Lalit Mangar.

The Lalit Mangar is just an hour drive from Delhi. If you live in Gurgaon, it is even nearer. The drive is mostly smooth as the roads are in good condition.  The Lalit Mangar is a perfect place to rejuvenate yourself or just lean back and laze around by enjoying its enchanting greenery.

The staff were very friendly and helpful. All in all, we had an excellent, relaxing and memorable stay and I would heartily recommend The Lalit Mangar to anyone who is planning a getaway from the city.
the lalit Mangar

The lalit mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit Mangar

the lalit mangar

P.S – Keep an eye out for spotty! I have been lucky to get him along with me.

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Most hill stations have a distinct nostalgic flavour and Shimla cannot be left out of it.  Shimla is one of my favourite hill station, and the best thing is it is just a few hours from Delhi. The town is absolutely charming. Majority of the buildings in the city of Shimla is styled in imperial architecture dating back to the colonial era. The Clark hotel being one of them. This heritage hotel is very well located on the mall road. All famous places are in close vicinity. The building dates back to 1889, later acquired by the Oberoi group which is famous for its luxurious hospitality. The balance of the old and the new is phenomenal, while the building is old, the facilities are modern. Recently awarded the prestigious heritage tag, Clark’s is one of those places where you as a guest would get a sense of the charm of yesteryears with all the modern luxuries you can think of. Right next to the property is a very famous vantage point where you can get a marvellous view of the city and at night it becomes a wonderful place for star gazing.  The view from the conference hall is breathtaking but its a pity that the view from the rooms are blocked. One thing worth mentioning is that the rooms are simple but very spacious and  beautifully decorated which makes your stay memorable. The breakfast in the main dining hall is freshly made with special requests from the guests also entertained. I have been to Shimla many times and I truly wish I’d have more time in Shimla the last time I visited. Will surely do a more elaborate post very soon!

Clark's hotel shimla

clark's hotel shimla

clark hotel shimla

clark hotel shimla

clark hotel shimla

clark hotel shimla

clark's hotel shimla




shimla mall road

embassy shimla

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With a hint of chill in the air sweater weather is almost here and it is my favourite time of the year. How great is winter fashion, right? From chunky sweaters, leggings, boots, leather jackets and the hiding of muffin tops (yes, I can have more desserts!) Sweaters are the staple of a winter closet: cozy, comfortable and versatile. The best thing about sweaters is that they never go out of style. We all how sweaters can be layered with other garments, paired with jeans, slacks, and skirts, or simply worn on its own. Accessorising and styling your sweater creates many more looks from the same garment and adds sophistication to the wardrobe.

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to wear your sweater this winter, layer it under a slip dress. The change of season doesn’t mean you have to put away your spaghetti strap dresses. This staple from the 90s have been worn on top of T-shirts, over pants, under sweatshirts and jackets. One of the most trendiest way to dress your sweater is by clubbing it with your slip dress. Wear your slip dresses as outer wear. This simple pairing is the trendiest thing this winter, while keeping you warm. Play with contrasting colours, textures and patterns, like I have done with this ensemble. Sometimes I do love playing with colours! One sweater can create countless looks if you style it up and accessorise it well.



img_7172_1 img_7198_1 img_7207_1 img_7219_n


Dress – Forever 21

Sweater – H&M

Boots – Zara

Choker – Pipabella

Shades – Raybans

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I am currently busy with my travels, formulating blog posts and studying for my German exam which is almost around the corner but I don’t want to leave you with silence so here’s a quick post on three ways to wear a cold shoulder top.
 One trend that has everyone hooked is the cold shoulder top. The “Cold Shoulder”  is basically is the cut-out shoulder of a top or dress. Bare shoulders have been on trend for quite some time and they are continuing to stick around. I recently tried wearing this cold shoulder top by HOG Clothing in three different ways and it has become one of my favourite.  I absolutely love the cut out on the shoulder and the soft ruffles.
This denim skirt  from Zara has been sitting in my wardrobe for five years (Can you believe that?) I wanted to pair this cold shoulder top with shorts but then I thought why not a denim skirt? I can’t believe I could fit into it but I did. I love the contrast between the two colours!
 Wearing a red cold shoulder top with a pair of white jeans is probably the easiest styling option. to keep it minimal I have added a gold choker and paired this ensemble with Mules.Whether you are running errands or grabbing a lunch with your friends, this outfit will suit any such occasion.
Another way that I styled the same top is by pairing it with an elastic cuff pants. It is so easy breezy yet trendy! I have clubbed it with nude pumps and just a choker to keep it simple. Give it a try.
hog clothing




hog clothing

hog clothing

hog clothing

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Chapslee Home shimla
Set beautifully on Elysium hill, near Lakkar bazaar Chapslee is one of the oldest houses of Shimla built in 1838. It was purchased by the late Raja Charanjit Singh in October 1938 as his summer home. His grandson Kanwar Ratanjit Singh, son of the late Lt. Col. Rajkumar Ripjit Singh is the present owner of the beautiful mansion. It was in 1971 when the  state of Himachal Pradesh formed, the government  issued a notice to acquire Chapslee, that is when Kanwar Ratanjit Singh and his wife shifted to Chapslee. Making it their permanent residence they opened the doors of Chapslee to guests and so began what is now famously known as the ‘Chapslee Experience’.
Chapslee Home shimla
Chapslee Home shimla
As soon as you reach Chapslee, you will be greeted by Kanwar Ratanjit Singh (fondly known as Reggie), a charming host and a perfect gentleman. A modest figure who regularly greets the tourists who flock to Chapslee,  happy to answer all manner of questions from his visitors with time and courtesy. You will soon be wanting to know more about the past as he fascinatingly engages you in a conversation about the yesteryears in Chapslee. The lavishness of the Raj live on within the walls of this two storey mansion even after so many years, the presence of this can be keenly felt as Mr. Singh shares small anecdotes from the past. Every article in the house is a piece of history which leaks out memories! It is not money and business that made him turn this property into a hotel, it is the lifestyle and the tradition which he grew up with that he wants to keep alive. By capitalising on the historic value of his home is the only way he can share the lifestyle with other people,  as it was in the days of his late grandfather Raja Charanjit Singh of Kapurthala.
Chapslee Home shimla
Chapslee Home shimla
Shimla is one of my favourite hill stations and it is definitely different from other hill stations in Himachal, take a step back in time and stay in Chapslee the next time you visit Shimla. The spectacularly beautiful mansion which was the childhood home of Kanwar Ratanjit Singh, now serves as a true evidence of rich cultural heritage of his family. For the guests, there are 5 suites well furnished with modern facilities. Some rooms are colour coded – red, pink and yellow. The Luxury Suite, the Delux suite and the Red room is on the first floor. The Pink room and the Yellow room is on the ground floor. We stayed in the Pink room and from the moment I entered the room I could feel my childhood dream of living like a queen coming true. I was enthralled by the idea of spending a night in a place which was an actual house of a royal family. The rooms look exactly how they used to look years ago. It feels like you stepped into a time machine. You have access to the entire mansion during your stay, its  like a miniature museum with artefacts, some from the Raj era, others hundreds of years old. 
Chapslee Home shimla
Chapslee Home shimla
Raja Charanjeet Sigh’s room which is now the Luxury suite still has the original 200 year old bed that he used to sleep on, the bathtub and the fireplace in his bathroom also dates back to a time when most people in India weren’t even aware of such things. Now imagine yourself sleeping on the same bed and using the same room used by the royals, that is the actual Chapslee experience.
Chapslee Home shimla
Chapslee Home shimla
There is no set food menu in Chapslee but you are in for a royal treat. Your preference is asked earlier and food is prepared accordingly. The culinary tradition is also kept alive, guests are served Anglo Indian and royal Indian cuisine in silverware. The dinner was scrumptious, everything was so delicious that it felt like they have a secret recipe and yes they do. Kanwar Ratanjit Singh himself is a great gourmand like his father and grandfather was. He proudly told us about the many royal Indian dishes that he can make. I have never heard of Pulau with raw Mango but Mr. Singh is a reputed and an acclaimed chef, I’m surely going back to Chapslee for many such experiences.  For desserts you can choose from a variety : bread-and-butter pudding, steamed ginger pudding, baked apples, apple crumble. We opted for baked apples and it was the best I have had in years. The warm hospitality that is shown by the staff is remarkable.
Chapslee Home shimla
Chapslee has a magnificent interior with priceless relics and everything inside it has been preserved exquisitely. To name a few : Gobelin tapestries from Paris, rose-edged Murano glass chandelier, Bruges tapestry from the 1700s, antique Sikh weapons and the horns from former hunting trophies, exquisite rugs, ornate brass beds, antiques from all over the world. The interior remains unchanged.
Jubarhati, which is around 23 kilometers from Shimla is the nearest domestic airport from Shimla but there are hardly any flights operating at the moment. If you are going from Delhi, there are many Volvo buses which have flexible timings and I would say this is the most convenient option. You can also drive down to Shimla like we did. It is approximately 350 kilometers from Delhi and it took us around 7 hours, a rather long drive if you get stuck in the traffic. Once you reach Shimla, locating Chapslee is very easy.It is located on Elysium hill near Lakkar Bazaar, if you have any difficulty you can refer to the directions given here. It is amazing how lucidly they have explained every detail on this page on how to get to Chapslee.
As we take our leave, Kanwar Ratanjit Singh mentions “I’m strictly against tipping, it is not allowed in Chapslee. I request all my guests not to tip my staff.” I would love to go back to Chapslee if I am ever in Shimla. Its an experience one should add on their bucket list. Chapslee has been mentioned in a book titled “A Thousand Places to See Before You Die”. It is impossible not to admire Kanwar Ratanjit Singh for being so brave to open his home up to strangers. This is my first encounter with a royal figure who is thoroughly involved and enjoys doing this, after all the pleasure you give to other people is the most rewarding thing in the world. The famous Ridge is  merely a ten minute walk from Chapslee, making it’s location perfect. So if you feel the need for extreme peace and want a royal holiday, look no further.
To read further on Chapslee, click here.
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Stylish Footwear To Pair With Indo Western Kurtis


Women love to explore as much as they can in the world of fashion. And when it comes to

latest trends in fashion, they are always updated with the details. Be it ethnic wear or

western attire, women always look for stylish outfits wrapped with utmost comfort level.

Kurtis are all about comfort. They are the most comfortable, trendy and pocket friendly

clothes. Be it short kurtis, latest net kurtis or cotton ones, they are the most pleasing and

reviving attire.

Talking about Indian women, they always seek for high comfort with a pinch of style in it.

The best way to bring style with the elegant kurtis is – ‘right pairing of footwear’. Yes,

footwear plays a vital role when it comes to fashion statement. You can completely revamp

your looks by just the ideal selection of shoes. Huge range of footwear can go perfect with

the latest styles of kurtis. Indo western kurtis can be paired with stunning footwear to uplift

your style statement.

Find out these amazing pairing of kurtis and footwear, and try it next time.



Who had thought of that???

But if you will see this image, you can feel the intensity of this splendid combo. So, next time

when you want to dazzle like this, buy Indo western kurti and pair it with long thigh-high

boots. You can make your own style statement by pulling off this look.



Am I the only lover of this pairing?? I don’t think so.

Peep Toes are forever a love of any girl. You just can’t stay away from it. Modern styles of

kurtis look perfect when paired with same shade of peep toes.



When it comes to the comfort level, wedges undoubtedly comes at top. Their broad

platform makes it easier to carry it off for a longer period of time. And their bold look makes them

perfect fit for Indo western kurtis.

Grab your style of kurti from IndiaRush and pull off your perfect look!



Every woman knows about the glam of high heels! 

Singh. High heels are a perfect pick for 

grand occasions. They can make you a bit tiry, but who cares about that when people are

stunned by your looks.

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