Sanobar Hair Cleanser – Kama Ayurveda


With April sets in summer accompanied by the onslaught of the Sun.With passing months, the attack becomes more fierce until in June when monsoon sets in and moisture takes over. In search of a good shampoo I tried the Sanobar Hair Cleanser by Kama Ayurveda recently and thought of reviewing it for you guys. Care for the hair and skin is the paramount concern for most of us, only next to dehydration. Tresses become oily and sweaty, losing on quality and quantity equally.But what can be done? Since it is nature that berefts the the mane of it’s vitalities, it should repair it dutifully.

Kama Ayurveda, an intiative that aims at achieving healthy skin, hair and body naturally, brings to us,  Sanobar Hair Cleanser. A mild cleanser that has been designed specially for oily and greasy hair, it lathers easily leaving the hair fragrant and freh.It is Paraben free but contains SLS that might dry the hair out if a conditioner is not used.Incorporating the healing abilities of Neem, Hibiscus,Cypress oil and Orange essential oil, it is 55.5% natural. Neem extract and Hibiscus play a pivotal role in cleansing the hair.Cypress oil stimulates hair growth and the Orange essential oil has antibacterial properties.The cleanser is watery in texture and not as viscous as regular shampoos, and therefore calls for judicious usage with minimum wastage.

It can be availed from any of the three Kama Ayurveda Stores located in the capital itself, in Khan market, DLF Promenade and N Block Market. In order to get the product delivered at one’s doorstep, one may shop from the official website of Kama Ayurveda and enjoy some great offers. 

The question is if I am going to buy this product or not and the answer to this is no because it didn’t suit me. It cleans my scalp well but makes my hair dry! So the search for the perfect shampoo is still on.kama ayurveda


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My Envy Box – Luxury Beauty Box

my envy box

The association and interchangeable use of women with beauty and make up has been a part of every society since times immemorial. A niche for adornments and aesthetics is intrinsic to the fairer sex and so is the dereliction for beautifying everything, just as they beautify the world by simply being a part of it! Regardless of what their gender is, great news for all grooming enthusiasts, you just found utopia! The My envy box! It is an initiative that was started in 2013 for men and women around India to fulfil all their beauty and grooming fantasies by receiving exquisite, exotic and handpicked products at their doorstep.
They have redefined the retail process by offering a singular and consumer-oriented way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming and lifestyle products that include make up, jewellery, perfumes, hair care and skin care products. Not based in Delhi? They deliver at your doorstep the choicest cosmetics and adornments. All you have to do is to subscribe to My Envy Box and sit back and experiment with sublime products!

The “My envy box” has three sections, namely, the envy box, content and shop;

  • My envy box- It is the wonderful, loaded box that all subscribers get every month.
  • Content-Their services are not only confined to the delivery of the best products but you also get to know about the latest beauty products and trends from their beauty experts at the “Elle” magazine and their in-house beauty products.
  • If you find something worthwhile out of all the products whose samples you tried, you can avail full size versions of it directly from their boutique.

The list doesn’t end here, they also have a generous loyalty programme that rewards you with Envy points every time you shop, refer them to your friends or acquaintances or give feedbacks about your monthly experiences. These envy points can be redeemed and you can save on online boutique orders! Do not miss out on this great opportunities, go and subscribe today and open your box full of wonders!!

my envy box

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Places to Dine in Pondicherry

Pondicherry  proves to be a utopia for all gourmands and connoisseurs. The union territory offers a plethora of restaurants and food outlets that serve delicacies one can relish and I bring to you some of the best restaurants you can’t afford to miss when you are in Pondicherry. I went to more than ten restaurants in three days but these are the ones that I can recommend.

villa shanti

PALAIS DE MAHE – This 3 star hotel, situated on the busy street in white town; allows one to experience a perfect stay by providing comfortable accommodation and  palatable cuisine. The breakfast at the CGH Earth cafe is a must have with delicious Waffles and Basil Bruschettas being the most loved items and is sure to give your day an amazing start. Whereas the seafood at Les Alizes is appetising and will leave you yearning for more, it being a rooftop restaurant adds to the experience of eating and is sure to make the dinner a memorable one!

palais de mahe


LA VILLA – This is another hotel that is situated in the heart of Pondicherry and has a quaint, picturesque air to it that is equally fascinating to all. The ambience is simple, yet elegant and nevertheless, beautiful! The sea food and the Pastas are among the most recommended food items on the menu, Spinach and Roasted Apple Salad being another one which is not to be missed. The variety of food served is another icing on the cake. 


villa shanti

AUROVILLE BAKERY – A bakery cum café, this place opens as early as 6 in the morning and serves Bread, Biscuits, Pizza, Tarts, Quiche and Pies. A must visit for confectionery lovers. This is the best place to have a morning breakfast in Puducherry. The Banana cake, Apple pie chocolate cake and the freshly baked Bread are tantalising to the taste buds and “the special food for the day” is a singular feature of the place. The atmosphere is quite hospitable but make sure you visit the place in the mornings or the afternoons to avoid the rush hours that begin from 5pm onwards. Finished food supplies after the evening bear testimony to all the praises and compliments that this place is inundated with. Do not miss it!

auroville bakery

ZUKA – A cake and dessert shop located on MG Road, Zuka is by far the best place to visit in Pondicherry. Serving everything from chocolates to cakes and shakes, this place is the Shangri-La for all chocoholics.The chocolate spoons and hot chocolate are simply divine and the ‘chocolate pakoras’ are as luscious as intriguing they sound! Not only for the foodies, but the place is equally appealing to fitness freaks as it serves low-carb, healthy sandwiches and quick bites.The pandora box is another thing to look forward to and the coffee is rejuvenating as ever! Being highly praised and recommended by it’s visitors, this is one place which you should’nt miss out on.

zuka pondicherry

CAFÉ DES ARTS – Located in the heart of Pondicherry, near Palais de Mahe and Villa Shanti, this is a nineteenth century building filled with  colonial art work and wood work along with delicious French food. An ideal spot to visit for breakfasts and evening snacks, the place serves amazing Porridge, Muesli, Waffles and authentic french cuisine. The perfect place to sit back, relax or read a book, it also serves Smoothies and shakes that make for an arty afternoon.The setting is pleasant and serene in a courtyard and will provide for the much needed respite from all the travelling. They also have a lot of vintage fashion pieces on sale, so don’t miss out on that. Sad that the place shuts by 6 in the evening, nonetheless, it calls for a short visit!cafe des arts

CAFE XTASI – True to it’s name, Café Xtasi brings nothing but satiation, ecsatsy and a wholesome eating experience to it’s visitors. Located on the Mission Street in the M.G. Road area, this restaurant is the perfect escape from a bad day for all foodies.The menu; that begins with starters, and goes on further to include  burgers,pastas, pizzas, salads, cocktails, beverages and desserts; would itself be convincing enough to tittilate your taste buds and compel you to visit the place. The place remains open from 11 to 11 and serves the best Pizza in town. Having mastered the art of ‘wood-fired’ oven pizza making, people at Xtasi ensure that their visitors have a perfect evening sans restrictions  and therefore the restaurant serves all varieties of alcohol and cocktails. Therefore to all the gourmands out there, ecstasy calling!

cafe xtasi

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5 Luxury Weekend Getaways near Delhi

Delhi – the capital and by far the most fascinating city for any Indian, is packed with a plethora of opportunities and is home to some of the most incredible success stories one comes across which make it seem all the more promising. But apart from being successful, the inhabitants of these cities are hardworking and STRESSED! Stressed is the first and foremost word that aptly describes the population of these cities and RESPITE is something they need once in every two months. Wondering how? Just get away! This time I bring to you the five most luxurious getaways near Delhi for rejuvenation, respite and recreation.


Set amidst the scenic Mangar Bani Valley and home to 6 lac trees spread across 677 acres of land, The Lalit; a five star luxury hotel; is a part of the Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. Having successfully set up 12 hotels across the country and one in London, this hospitality group aims at incarnating opulence through the services and provisions that one can avail at their hotels. An hour’s drive away from the capital, it is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway and a utopia for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The lavishly comfortable suites and time reversal spas ensure to relieve all the tension and stress built up within, owing to the urban lifestyle. The rammed Earth architecture is a singular feature of the place. House farms that produce chemical-free ingredients of organic food also are worth a visit that also tops every gourmand’s list. An old world’s charm and a rustic appeal adds to the serenity of the place and render it a superb blend of tradition and technology, and an impeccable amalgam of the country and the city. Lastly, adventure activities like rock climbing, cycling, rappelling and zip lining consummate the holiday and proves to be a psychedelic experience that make it a “must visit” for all.getaways near delhi
getaways near delhi


Erected as a house by Dr.Blake of the East India Company, Chapslee was earlier called “Secretary Lodge” and it was only later that it came to be known by it’s present name, “Chapslee”. Being bought and sold many times and serving as a place of accommodation to many British bureaucrats, it was finally bought by Hon. Raja Charanjit Singh of Kapurthala who refurbished it into the 8th heritage hotel of India. Carved out in the local “Dhajji” style using mud, grit, wood, surkhi and lime plaster, Chapslee’s exquisite design takes one down the memory lane and one finds oneself reminiscing 20th century England. Five suites that are namely: The luxury suite, The deluxe suite, Yellow room, Pink room and the Red room along with the hall, the sundowner, the tennis court, croquet playing ground and the terrace garden are extremely beautiful and comfortable. A cozy library cum card room, a dining room with a 14 seater English “oak table” and a 6 seater round table, an afternoon tea room, bed time tea and fire places with charcoal bear testimony to the Old World’s Charm associated with the place. Not only serenity but culinary masterpieces are also intrinsic to the heritage hotel, dishes like Aam ka Pulao, Awadh ka Korma, Lehsun ki kheer are some among the exotic delicacies served. Anglo-Indian cuisines and continental food are also something to look out for. Chapslee thus offers you the much needed vacation.

chapslee Chapslee


Luxurious is the epitome of the five star mountain resort set in Uttarakhand. Surrounded by 4 acres of lush green lawns, and only 6 kilometers away from the Kempty falls, JW Marriott is quite a treat for nature lovers and the right spot for a family adventure. Arranging a hiking tour and a variety of fun outdoor activities are some of the services provided by the hotel. In addition to it, a spa, 4 restaurants, a play area for kids as well as adults, a fitness centre, swimming pool, free high speed internet and an entertainment centre are some other attractions of the resort. Executive and Studio are the two categories of suites that are available and define finesse. The on-site restaurants offer a range of delicacies and outdoor seating arrangements like The Perch and The Perch tea lounge, make dining worthwhile. The JW Café that comprises of the Trout House and Grill & Bar Deck is yet another icing on the cake. The place is a microcosm of opulence that is not worth missing. Also, one can visit nearby places like Kempty falls and enjoy the view of the spellbinding Himalayas. Your search for extravagance ends here!

getaways near delhi getaways near delhi


A nominee for the Aga Khan award and the perfect  weekend getaway spot, Neemrana Fort is a 15th century heritage hotel with a seven winged palace constructed over 14 layers tiered into a hill, spreading across 6 acres of land.  Hanging gardens, two swimming pools, an Ayurvedic spa, vintage car rides, multimedia tour, 5 track aerial zip lining by flying fox and camel rides are some other features and services that are provided. The Neemrana eco farms and a step well descending 7 floors deep into the Earth do call for a visit at this amazing and economic place!


The hill fort of Kesroli is a 16th century Fort built by Yaduvanshi Rajputs in the city of Alwar. Having 21 unique rooms and being famous for its ramparts, turrets and arched verandahs, it is a seven turreted hotel that displays phenomenal beauty and elegance. Rooms with garden views are yet another beautifying element of the place. Garden barbeques and special game rooms for kids are the special features of the place. Nearby places that are a “must visit” include Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sarska Tiger Sanctuary and the Bhangarh Fort for some adrenaline rush!

getaways near delhi

So, this weekend get away from the hustle bustle of the capital and escape into the world of nature, luxury and adventure with these wonderful destinations!

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Jorasanko Thakurbari – Rabindranath Tagore’s House

I have stayed almost all my life in Kolkata  but never visited Jorasanko Thakurbari until one day when my mother forced me to accompany her. Apart from being the land of sweets, Goddess Durga, Art and Literature, Kolkata is also the abode of tales untold and magnificent cultural heritage. In the very heart of the state, lie a number of places unexplored, a number of stories unheard and heaps of emotions unexperienced.

jorasanko thakurbari

jorasanko thakurbari

Having grown up in the state that the world admires, I had not cared to skim the town, let alone exploring every nook and corner of it. The region that we visited was adorned by some very impressive colonial buildings, with their old world charm, exquisite architecture and slated green windows that commemorate the British rule. These buildings; apart from adding to the beauty of the city; pay testament to the social, cultural and political heritage, also act as reminders of Calcutta once being the capital of the country. Victoria Memorial and St.Paul’s Cathedral being some of the examples of their kind.

jorasanko thakurbari


Joransko Thakubari is a must visit for tourists as well as the natives. It is the ancestral home of the pre eminent poet and author (Kobiguru) Rabindranath Tagore’s family,  located on the Rabindra Bharati University campus at 6/4 Dwarkanath Tagore lane, Joransko. It has now been restored and converted into a museum and is a store house of all the cherished memories of Rabindranath Tagore’s life because it is the very place where he was born, spent a major part of his childhood and breathed his last breath. The entry tickets to the museum cost a nominal amount of 5 Rupees for students and 10 Rupees for adults.

jorasanko thakurbari

jorasanko Thakurbari is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and the major event that is the light and sound show takes place in the evening hours. The timings of the show are precisely given below-
During November to January
Bengali: 6:00-6:40 pm
English: 7:00-7:40 pm
During February to june
Bengali: 7:00-7:40 pm
English: 8:00-8:40 pm


The nearest metro station to Jorasanko Thakurbari is Girish Park. The visiting duration is a maximum of 2 hours and in those mere 120 minutes one can experience the entire gamut of emotions, including joy, dolour, nostalgia, home coming, pain and excitement. The breath taking journey often leaves people spell bound and touched. It is quite sad that clicking pictures inside the museum is proscribed by the authorities but the reasons for doing so are quite valid. The beauty and essence of the emotional roller coaster ride that one goes through is not something that any camera can capture but can only be felt and it is therefore imperative to visit the museum in person. It was an enthralling experience that will be etched in my mind.

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Jet Airways – The Billion Miles Festival

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again.” – is one of the most widely used epigraphs on memes and pictures on social media in the present times. The world is indeed full of travel enthusiasts and itinerants who have a niche for exploring every nook of the globe. Jet Airways, India’s full service premiere international airline, brings forth an opportunity that will prove to be nothing less than a “dream come true” for all the travel lovers, where travel engenders travel! It is the Billion Miles Festival! You can earn 15,00 to 10,000 JPMiles per sector depending on the class of travel. 1500 for Economy, 5000 JPMiles for Première, and 10,000 JPMiles for First Class.

billion miles festival

This festival is a corollary of the JetPrivilege Programme which was introduced in 1994 and is a frequent flyer programme that rewards it’s frequently travelling members or those acclaiming any services from the group, with JPMiles (JetPrivilege miles). JetPrivilege Private Limited is a specialised loyalty and rewards management company, a joint venture between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways to manage the JetPrivilege Programme.

The procedure is simple and the idea is lucid. As a part of the Billion Miles Festival ,Members of the JetPrivilege Programme get the opportunity to earn and collect bonus JP miles( as many as one million!!) if you travel during the offer period and avail services from any associations of Jet Airways. You can then redeem these JPMiles to travel in  future. The number of JPMiles won depends on the following-
  • The Destination- if it is within the Indian subcontinent or an international destination
  • Fare Choices-Under the new fare structure, fares have been revised and recategorised and the number of JPmiles won depends upon the fare choices.
  • Distance Flown-For a TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage) of less than 500 miles, JPmiles will be calculated on minimum 500 miles and basis “Fare Choices”, only in case of Jet Airways marketed and operated flights but in case of Jet Airways marketed flights operated by one of the Airline partners, JetPrivilege members will continue to earn JPmiles as per the actual distance flown (TPM) and as per the selected fare.

billion miles festival

The offer spreads it’s wings further, as the Billion Miles Festival also announces one lucky winner every day during this period, who will win and have 1,00,000 JPMiles credited to their JetPrivilege membership account. Hold your breath if you are already overwhelmed, because here comes the final incentive! A grand jackpot! One of the winners of one million JPMiles will also be entitled to a grand jackpot prize.

The Billion Miles Festival has turned out to be nothing less than a boon for those planning a vacation this summer but here is something that could make your happiness levels transcend all possible boundaries! Redeeming JPMiles for award flights is convenient, quick and economic. Redemptions start as low as 5,000 JP miles for domestic and 6,000 JPMiles for international award flights on Jet Airways.

Jet Airways proves to be the perfect travel planner, organiser and provider as it comes up with the interactive JPMiles calculator/ mileage chart. This calculator tells you about all the possible destinations to which you can travel by redeeming your presently available JPMiles or vice-versa, just enter the destination that you wish to travel to and you get to know the required JPMiles as per your cabin/flight status. Also, JP miles calculated by the calculator are for direct flights only, for an indirect flight, a combination of JP miles required between the different sectors of the journey is to be calculated . Do not miss out on this singular offer and celebrate the Billion miles festival with Jet Airways this summer!!

For those  who are not members yet, can easily enrol themselves into the Privilege Programme by visiting or, to avail the JPMiles offer as soon as possible and reap the maximum benefits out of it because the offer is not only confined to travel and bonus JPMiles but opens up a rainbow of opportunities to earn, win, travel and rejoice!

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FONTAINHAS, GOA – Melting Pot of Cultures

Cliché; that is what Goa is presumed to be. The perception one has of Goa is generally of beaches and parties. which are only a small section of this beautiful undiscovered state. I have traveled several times to Goa and this blissful coastal city never fails to amaze me. The astonishing history that this state holds is enough to give anyone wanderlust. The history of Goa as we know it today goes back to 1510 when the Portuguese general Afonso de Albuquerque  defeated the ruling Bijapur sultan Yousuf Adil Shah and set up a permanent settlement in Velha Goa.  Since then Goa has been a melting pot of cultures and architecture.




This time while traveling to Goa, I experienced one such wonderful example of the Portuguese influence on the culture of Goa and that was the quarters of Fontainhas. Known as Bairro das Fontainhas in Portuguese, they are old Latin Quarter in Panjim, the capital city of the state of Goa. Fontainhas was built in late eighteenth Century by a Goan expatriate named Antonio Joao de Sequeira and in today’s date, it is the only area in Goa where Portuguese is the main spoken language. Fontainhas is a place in Goa that will never fail to show you the dual existence of the Indian and Portuguese culture that it carries. By passing time, the beautiful Latin quarters have experienced an amalgamation of cultures.



The architecture and the road map of the Mediterranean nest have been kept undisturbed for many years. The beautiful old buildings with overhanging balconies are all painted in tones of yellow, green, or blue. Interestingly, a Portuguese tradition of painting their houses after monsoon every year is followed here without any exception. Even the confusing but adorably narrow and winding roads have not been changed. interestingly the names of the streets in the Latin quarters carry a history to it too. The 31st January Road or Rua 31 de Janeira in Fontainhas was named after the independence of Portugal from Spain on January 31, 1640. The south end of Fontainhas is adorned with The Chapel of St Sebastian which was constructed in 1880. It is the traditional venue for the annual festival of the Feast of our Lady of Livrament.



What actually surprised me about Fontainhas was the culinary excellence I experienced. Many residents living there have converted their houses into lodges, guesthouses, and restaurants. I went to Venite which is also a home cum restaurant. It is not an easy place to spot and the restaurant is on the 1st floor. The building has its own character, as you walk up the rickety stairs. The entrance of this restaurant is adorned with shells and once you are seated in there and once seated, there’s plenty of graffiti to enjoy, drawn by the hundreds of tourists from around the world who’ve dined here over the years.



In the month of February, the locales of Fontainhas organise an Art festival, during which they convert their heritage homes into a vintage artworks displaying the architectural features such as motifs around their balconies, elaborate doors and unique name plates. With the aim of preserving the rich Indo-Portuguese culture they hold various programs of dance, music and art. The walk through Fontainhas showed me a different and historic side of Goa which I will never forget. Anyone who plans a trip to Goa must visit this place to know a different side of the city.






Fontainhas is located about 20-25 km away from both Goa’s International Airport and  Railway Station.This lesser known haven for Art enthusiasts is all about exploring the streets of Europe with the comfort of budget travel. So, I urge that the next time you plan a holiday in Goa, with friends or family, do visit Fontainhas. It’ll rejuvenate you in a way you’ve never known!
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Ruffles and Cold Shoulders – A Spring Must Have!

It’s that time of the year when the chilly winters take an exit and the gorgeous season of Spring arrives. Most of us had to pack our heavy jackets and sweaters way too soon as the winters didn’t last that long this time. But guess what! No matter how classy the winter fashion was, we are all excited to grab our shopping caps and go on a Spring shopping spree.

This Spring, it’s all about ruffles and cold shoulders. This trend is so sophisticated yet so easy to carry; it is everything one needs in their wardrobe. Taking my obsession with this trend a little further, I recently chanced upon this beautiful dress by Femella and I am absolutely loving it! Femella is an Indian brand with a great collection of modern designs with a hint of elegance. This dress carries a lovely shade of blue and its shoulders are a combination of both ruffles and cold shoulders which makes it a perfect catch for this spring.




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