Dress With Confidence – You are How You Dress

Thick thighs, potato, fatso, plumpy and what not! Body shaming has become as ubiqutous as obesity these days. Though it may sound light hearted and funny, but it is quite hurtful and might also lead to the development of an inferiority complex or even depression. Instead of falling a prey to such criticisms and letting them get the better of you, one should combat this ill practice. Try to make improvements in your lifestyle and try to achieve a fit body. And most importantly, you should accept your body the way it is and have confidence in yourself. Dress with confidence because you are what you wera!Here are some tips to dressing right, smart and carrying yourself effortlessly 

  • Always stick to basics. Well tailored fabrics never go out of style. Also, dressing smartly is the trick. Wearing dark coloured fabrics on heavy parts of the body will make them look toned. Wear what suits you and you will get it right!


  • Don’t follow Trends Blindly : Trends are fun to follow, but stepping out of your comfort zone to merely follow trends is not advisable. Being uncomfortable in your outfit will pave way for low confidence and clumsiness. Always remember, confidence is the most impressive thing that one can wear. IMG_0200 
  • Accessorise Well : Accessories play a very important role in ensuring good dressing. Accessorise to attract attention. If you have heavy arms then do not wear armlets or bangles, rather wear a nice neck piece that will deviate all the attention towards your shoulders and neck.


  • Comfortable Footwear : Wearing comfortable and classy footwear is the ultimate dressing tip. Heels are classy but not always the right thing to wear. At times, slipping on sneakers or flip flops is the right thing to do.


  • Only Your Opinion Counts : The last and the most important tip: Only your opinion matters. No matter what people think and say, you should find yourself beautiful and carry yourself with grace and confidence. Remember, following trends are not always fun, making your own style trend is ultimate bliss!


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Taj Dubai – Luxury At Its Finest

taj dubai

My recent trip to Dubai was nothing less than a luxury ride packed with sumptuous facilities and rejuvenation of the mind and the body owing to the stay at the Taj Dubai . While visiting a place like Dubai one might easily be confused about the hotel to put up at, but our decision to stay at The Taj Dubai was more than just good. It proved to be fulfilling!

Located in the heart of the city, it is a 20 minute long drive from the Dubai International Airport and the hotel is the epitome of opulence and scenic beauty. Offering 265 rooms and 31 suites, we even got to pick between a smoking and a non smoking room. TajDubi offers 9 types of rooms, all of which are equipped with a luxurious bed, a flat screen TV, Wi-Fi internet, Burj view and other first world pleasures that include sauna, personal pantry and much more.

The décor Taj Dubai was an icing on the cake. A fusion of Indian and contemporary styles, it was adorned by shades of brown, yellow and beige that gave it a peaceful and classy touch. My room was my favourite place and I found it difficult to leave, each time we had to check out. It had everything that one can wish for, a king size bed, beautiful décor, a marbled bathroom with double sinks and Molton Brown toiletries. Being on the 26th floor, the room offered a panoramic view of the majestic Burj Khalifa. It was hard keeping my eyes off it, since it was grand! The fountain show that takes place in the evening in the Mall of Dubai can also be viewed from the hotel room.

Not to forget, the food served at the Bombay Brassiere was quite a treat! Arabian delicacies offered there were lavish. I didn’t get time to visit and eat at the other two restaurants as I was busy exploring other restaurants in the city, but they do call for a visit. I can undoubtedly label it as my best hotel stay in a really long time. Though the pool area was not as large as I expected it to be, but I did not get the time to relax in the pool, my shopping spree kept me quite occupied! Though I’ve been an avid fan of the Taj properties, but the splendid view made this one the best.

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

taj dubai

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Organic Mill Peppermint Foot Soak

Right from the moment you wake up to the very moment you retire for the night, respite is scarce and exhaustion is as natural as it gets. While the entire body gets its share of care and pampering, the most vital parts of the body do not. Yes, it is the feet! The most underrated and neglected parts of the body that endure a plethora of adversities including dust, water, filth and what not. Organic Mill’s Peppermint Foot Soak comes to the rescue and proves to be the feet’s best friend.

The foot soak is one among the many excellent natural products that Organic Mill produces. The ingredients include Sodium Bi-carbonate, Citric acid, Empo salt and essential oil. The ions present in the salt act as ‘toxin magnets’ and drive the toxins present in the feet out in the water. In addition to refreshing and cooling the feet, the soak helps get rid of the dead skin that accumulates overtime. Using the soak is easy and can be carried out in 30 minutes. The steps are-

  • Sprinkle the crystals of the feet soak into a basin of warm water.
  • Immerse your feet into it and relax for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse the feet with clean water and towel dry.

Also, certain natural color distinctions or marks maybe observed which aren’t product flaws but are acquired during the manufacturing process, since the products are handcrafted. These blemishes should not be bothered about and the product should be used freely. The soak has a life of 6 months, starting from the day it is unsealed and is available for a nominal price of Rs.250. It can be availed at the official website of the Organic Mill or other online shopping websites that include Nykaa and Qtrove. So go ahead and make your feet happy, because they deserve to be!

Organic mill organic mill organic mill

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Innisfree – Its Real squeeze Mask

Apart from lying in the ‘eyes of the beholder’, there is another place where beauty is most likely to be found, and that is the face! And it is the summer season which in India is nearly perennial; poses the most deadly threats to the face. However much successfully mighty poets and thinkers have embedded the  idea of inner beauty in our minds, but the gospel truth remains, that oily, dusty and pigmented skin is anything but ‘beautiful’ to the eyes. The questions that it raises in one’s mind about the hygiene of the person are inevitable and cannot be overlooked at the same time. Thus it becomes imperative to take extreme care of the skin, especially during the ongoing season when the sun is beating down mercilessly and the mercury has almost touched 40 degree Celsius. Innisfree, Korea’s number 1 natural beauty brand, offers a wide range of skincare, hair care and healthcare products that have been made with the choicest and the best natural ingredients discovered from the Jiju island of Korea.

Among the numerous amazing products, is the ‘It’s real’ Aloe sheet mask. It is a microfiber, triple layered mask that endows the skin with the moisturisation of Aloevera and provides vitality to stressed skin by soothing it. With its light and thin texture and just the right amount of serum, it clears the skin, rendering it smooth, soft and naturally glowing. Providing the consumer with 2 special cut outs for the eye, to avoid contact and soothe the sensitive skin present in the region surrounding the eyes, this mask proves to be tantamount to an elixir for oily and sticky skin.


  • Wash the face and apply a toner.
  • Apply the Aloe sheet mask all over the face except for the eyes and the lips and leave it to dry.
  • Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes, making sure that 80% of it is dry and wash the face.
  • Gently pat dry.

Once the mask is removed, an excess layer of serum might make the skin feel sticky. This condition may prevail even after the face is properly massaged. Wash the face with a cleanser in order to get rid of the stickiness and enjoy the new glow and radiance! Innisfree products are available in 2 stores in Delhi, the first being in Khan Market and the other at the DLF Promenade in Saket. The products can be delivered right at your doorstep by online shopping websites like Nykaa and Amazon. Join now and get 15% off code and live your ‘clear skinned summer’ dream!




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Embroidered Slip Dress!

Okay so now I will be posting at least once a week on fashion. Life’s become way too hectic to plan and conceptualise a fashion post. But yes, expect weekly posts related to fashion at least once a week! Lets go on with it!

Very quick post today and not too many pictures! I bought this dress a month back and forgot about it (as usual). While packing for my Dubai trip I took it along with no intention on where to wear it. Anyway I finally got a chance to wear it to a casual dinner. I wore it two ways! First I tried the T shirt and slip combination but instead of pairing it with a different colour t shirt I kept it black! I really love the embroidery on the dress, its not too much and enough to let the dress stand out.

The next time I wore it, I wore it simply with a denim jacket! Both the times I used the same bag, I love how theres embroidery on the bag too and it is a new addition to my wardrobe. The embroidery trend has taken over my life and I can use everything with embroidery on it this season.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have seen the last picture which was taken in the same dress! I went gaga over my room in Dubai which had the Burj view. Elaborate posts about my stay in Dubai will be updated soon.






Dress – Thrifted 

Bag – Topshop

Jacket – Topshop

Shoes – H&M 

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Palais de Mahe – CGH Earth!

Located in the heart of Pondicherry, on Rue Busy Street in white town is the perfect example of the amalgamation of France and India – Palais de mahe. Where on one hand, the high soaring ceilings and the architecture do justice to it’s location in the ‘French quarter’ of the union territory, on the other hand, the aroma of spices and the colours of the building bear testimony to it’s Indian side.

No matter how delightful travelling might be to a person, the craving for home haunts after a particular time span. Since nothing compares to home, CGH Earth; a group of hotels and resorts; brings to us travel experiences that make one feel at home. The group was established five decades ago and has been an epitome of hospitality ever since. Their aim is to provide their consumers with the best possible services, keeping in mind, the environment and it’s safety. “The protection and safe guarding of nature takes centre stage at CGH.A part and not merely a passerby”  is what they intend to make one feel about the place that they visit.

The core values of the group include environmental safety, including and benefitting the local communities and adopting the local ethos.It is their sole aim to provide luxurious, comfortable and an environment friendly stay to their consumers, by involving the local communities of that area. Hence providing employment and including the cultural essence of the localities where their hotels have been set up. The CGH Earth group has 14 hotels all over India that will provide you with experiences worth relishing!

The CGH Earth group once again goes beyond perfection in the accomplishment of their endeavours and bring to us this sumptuous treat. As one enters Palais de Mahe, a large swimming pool encompassed by luxury suites welcomes the guests. The three storeyed hotel has 18 luxury suites that offer a seating area, a mini bar in addition to the regular bed. The hotel leaves no stone unturned to cater to it’s guests and their convinience. An outdoor pool, a rooftop restaurant, a café, a bar and a spa are some other first-world services that have been provided to ensure complete rejuvenation of the visitors and make their experience a memorable one.The café serves amazing food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers both being on the menu and some delicious Indian and authentic French cuisine. The location of the hotel is such that one has easy access to some of the best places to visit. So if you plan to visit the union territory then Palais de Mahe is the perfect place for you to stay at because they make your stay worthwhile!

palais de mahe

FullSizeRender (47)

FullSizeRender (48)

FullSizeRender (49)

FullSizeRender (50)






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Sanobar Hair Cleanser – Kama Ayurveda


With April sets in summer accompanied by the onslaught of the Sun.With passing months, the attack becomes more fierce until in June when monsoon sets in and moisture takes over. In search of a good shampoo I tried the Sanobar Hair Cleanser by Kama Ayurveda recently and thought of reviewing it for you guys. Care for the hair and skin is the paramount concern for most of us, only next to dehydration. Tresses become oily and sweaty, losing on quality and quantity equally.But what can be done? Since it is nature that berefts the the mane of it’s vitalities, it should repair it dutifully.

Kama Ayurveda, an intiative that aims at achieving healthy skin, hair and body naturally, brings to us,  Sanobar Hair Cleanser. A mild cleanser that has been designed specially for oily and greasy hair, it lathers easily leaving the hair fragrant and freh.It is Paraben free but contains SLS that might dry the hair out if a conditioner is not used.Incorporating the healing abilities of Neem, Hibiscus,Cypress oil and Orange essential oil, it is 55.5% natural. Neem extract and Hibiscus play a pivotal role in cleansing the hair.Cypress oil stimulates hair growth and the Orange essential oil has antibacterial properties.The cleanser is watery in texture and not as viscous as regular shampoos, and therefore calls for judicious usage with minimum wastage.

It can be availed from any of the three Kama Ayurveda Stores located in the capital itself, in Khan market, DLF Promenade and N Block Market. In order to get the product delivered at one’s doorstep, one may shop from the official website of Kama Ayurveda and enjoy some great offers. 

The question is if I am going to buy this product or not and the answer to this is no because it didn’t suit me. It cleans my scalp well but makes my hair dry! So the search for the perfect shampoo is still on.kama ayurveda


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My Envy Box – Luxury Beauty Box

my envy box

The association and interchangeable use of women with beauty and make up has been a part of every society since times immemorial. A niche for adornments and aesthetics is intrinsic to the fairer sex and so is the dereliction for beautifying everything, just as they beautify the world by simply being a part of it! Regardless of what their gender is, great news for all grooming enthusiasts, you just found utopia! The My envy box! It is an initiative that was started in 2013 for men and women around India to fulfil all their beauty and grooming fantasies by receiving exquisite, exotic and handpicked products at their doorstep.
They have redefined the retail process by offering a singular and consumer-oriented way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming and lifestyle products that include make up, jewellery, perfumes, hair care and skin care products. Not based in Delhi? They deliver at your doorstep the choicest cosmetics and adornments. All you have to do is to subscribe to My Envy Box and sit back and experiment with sublime products!

The “My envy box” has three sections, namely, the envy box, content and shop;

  • My envy box- It is the wonderful, loaded box that all subscribers get every month.
  • Content-Their services are not only confined to the delivery of the best products but you also get to know about the latest beauty products and trends from their beauty experts at the “Elle” magazine and their in-house beauty products.
  • If you find something worthwhile out of all the products whose samples you tried, you can avail full size versions of it directly from their boutique.

The list doesn’t end here, they also have a generous loyalty programme that rewards you with Envy points every time you shop, refer them to your friends or acquaintances or give feedbacks about your monthly experiences. These envy points can be redeemed and you can save on online boutique orders! Do not miss out on this great opportunities, go and subscribe today and open your box full of wonders!!

my envy box

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