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  • Beauty

    Organic Mill Peppermint Foot Soak

    Right from the moment you wake up to the very moment you retire for the night, respite is scarce and exhaustion is as natural as it gets. While the entire body…

  • Beauty

    Innisfree – Its Real squeeze Mask

    Apart from lying in the ‘eyes of the beholder’, there is another place where beauty is most likely to be found, and that is the face! And it is the summer…

  • Beauty

    Sanobar Hair Cleanser – Kama Ayurveda

    With April sets in summer accompanied by the onslaught of the Sun.With passing months, the attack becomes more fierce until in June when monsoon sets in and moisture takes over. In…

  • Beauty

    My Current Perfume Rotation

    I have always been a bit of a  perfume addict. Perfumes are one of my favourite things ever. I am always looking for new perfumes to try. There are so many…

  • Beauty


    In this freezing winter, its easy to succumb to laziness. Taking a bath and washing hair is nothing short of a nightmare. In such times, one hopes for a quick fix.…

  • Beauty


    I had been really having a hard time picking a face cream which would hydrate my skin. Believe me, I tried almost everything until I went to Kiehl’s and got the…

  • Beauty Lifestyle

    Aham Bhumika

    I came across Aham Bhumika on Twitter last week when they were seeking help from lifestyle bloggers to write a review and promote their handmade embroidered products. After checking their website,…