I hope you guys are doing well. Also, how are you dealing with the new Instagram update? My heart goes out to Snapchat as Instagram blatantly copied their concept. I am trying to balance between both Instagram and Snapchat story. Anyway, so excited to be back with a new outfit post, this was supposed to be uploaded only on Instagram but since I scrunched my hair and have a lot of pictures I decided to put it on the blog.
When everyone in the fashion world was busy wearing Culottes, I wasn’t even bothered to give it a try until I stumbled upon these Culottes. If you are like me, don’t be discouraged, go and give it a try because Culottes are the best thing that can happen to you this summer. These Culottes are cropped but not wide legged like most Culottes. Besides being the comfiest attire these are extremely versatile, you can style a casual look as well a chic look. You can wear culottes with heels and sneakers both but if you want to look taller I would advise you to team it up with heels. Give your denims a rest and embrace the Culottes trend.I have become infatuated with these culottes from Uptwonie101 because they are super comfortable for running errands and super stylish. I have teamed these Culottes with a light pink crop top, keeping it very simple and casual. 
Here’s a quick lookbook, hope you like it.









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Culottes : Uptownie

Crop Top : H&M

Bag : Zara

Shoes : H&M

Watch : Michael Kors

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