Sunder Nursery – Delhi’s New Heritage Park

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Sunder nursery originally known as Azim Bagh in Delhi is a 16th Century heritage garden adjacent to Humayun’s Tomb. The Nursery came up during the British rule and since then it has been nurtured and taken care of by the Delhi government. The garden is spread over 90 acres but because of the huge number of tourists that it draws, the garden will soon be expanded to 900 acres and will become the largest park in India.indian travel blogger

sundar nurseryThe question is ‘how I found this place?’ I don’t usually do many shoots unless it’s required and one of those days I wanted a shoot location. While Humayun’s Tomb was completely crowded we spotted this location right adjacent to Humayun’s Tomb. WE got some of our best shots in this place and before we knew, it became our favourite place to chill with a book. Once you enter this park it totally feels like you are not in Delhi since the hustle bustle is missing and also you can spot plants which have huge lemons hanging from it.Sunder nursery

Sunder nursery It is one of the few places left in Delhi where one can find some peace and catch a view of lush green grass, beautiful fruit laden trees, resplendent fountains and some Mughal era historical monuments. Because of its perfect ambience and regular maintenance six structures within the Sunder Nursery have been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site , they are Sunder Burj, Sundarwala Mahal, Lakkarwala Burj, Mirza Muazzafar Hussain’s Tomb, Chotta Bateshewala and the Unknown Mughal’s tomb.Sunder nursery

The nursery is home to 300 species of trees ,80 species of birds and has 15 Mughal monuments within its premises. It is one place where you can leave behind hustle of the city and dive into tranquility. Sunder nursery is bestowed with Delhi’s first ever arboretum that is a botanical garden of trees, a bonzai house which is eighty years old and even has 36 butterfly species that make the whole place look so vibrant and colorful. There are some very rare species of trees like Pink cedar, carrotwood ,chukka found nowhere else in the city. It even hosts varied types of roses like Tata pink, Black Pearl ,pristine. The Ultramarine Flycatcher was spotted in the park area, a bird never seen before in New Delhi for many years.sunder nursery

sunder nurseryThe gardens along with the central vista, is inspired by Mughal traditions, has lotus-shaped marble fountains. Water flows through geometric flowerbeds and raised sandstone pathways which make for some mesmerising backdrops.The entry is gated and ticketed so safety is fully ensured. Its open six days a week and would make up for a great place to spend your Saturday afternoon and relieve yourself of all the stress and blues by literally sitting in the nature’s lap.sunder nursery

sunder nurseryI usually go to Lodhi Garden during winters just to sit and laze around with my book but this winter I found this secret place of mine. Lodhi can get too busy at times! So if you stay anywhere around south Delhi or central Delhi, you must visit this place before it starts getting too many visitors and gets too crowded!

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    This place sound like a little piece of heaven😊. Great pics too. Thanks for sharing🙏

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      Thanks! it used to be my secret spot for gettinf away from the madness of Delhi.

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