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    A Jog Down of 2017

    Walking through the wilderness of Corbett, into the anachronously enormous wooden door of Fairmont Jaipur, I’ve had my calendar full with a journey of beautiful destinations, luxury, and leisure. Throughout this…

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    Corbett The Baagh – Weekend Getaway

    Corbett the Baagh is a holiday haunt located in blissful isolation, in the lap of Patkot village, on the edge of dense Sitabani forest in Uttrakhand. It is strategically situated, in…

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    Corbett The Baagh – Go Beyond Go Local

    Corbett The Baagh, in purlieu of the Patkot village of Uttarakhand and on the fringes of the wilderness of  Sitabani Wildlife Reserve, is a resort with difference. Unlike their adversaries, here efforts…