• Travel

    The New Travel Trends of 2020

    the year 2020 is quite noteworthy. The year has challenged our jaunts and excursions, so travellers out there have taken to new trends that are completely non-conventional and are compliant with…

  • Beauty

    Beauty Rituals at home during Lockdown

    These are tough times indeed and we need to confine ourselves at home for our as well as others’ safety. It’s both boring and depressing at times I know. So why…

  • Travel

    Siem Reap Travel Guide

    Cambodia undeniably transports you to another place – a place of tales, mythologyand whisperings from the land’s rich past. But the country is not all about the past. And the beautiful…

  • Food

    Best Restaurants to Eat at – North Goa

    It’s almost impossible to not think of the pristine blue beaches, late night parties and sumptuous food while thinking of Goa. Goa has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday recipe…

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    The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur

    If you are looking for a respite from your daily hectic life, then Jaipur with its perfect combination of old world charm and gloss of a metropolis is the choice for…

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    I thought of writing an article about vegetarian food in Vietnam when my inbox was flooded asking for vegetarian options. To be honest, I didn’t eat much of non vegetarian food…