Beauty Rituals at home during Lockdown

These are tough times indeed and we need to confine ourselves at home for our as well as others’ safety. It’s both boring and depressing at times I know. So why not lift
your mood with some at home beauty rituals. If you think it’s futile because no
one will see the amazing results, don’t worry do it for yourself. Think of it as a part
of your self -care routine.

Full-Body Detox
Normally we don’t have the time for a full body detox ever. So utilise the time to look after your entire body. I usually do this twice a week now. Follow these 3 steps: Use a shower gel or foam and then exfoliate with my favourite body scrub while showering, and finish off with a moisturiser or a body oil. Exfoliating will slough off all the dead cells and increase blood circulation. Along with the moisturising it will soften your skin and make your skin glow.

Sheet Masks
Sheet masks are a wonderful way of deeply hydrating and nourishing your skin. And if you think that masks are only for the face then you would surprised that there are masks for almost every body part including your feet and hands. I usually use the innisfree sheet masks, the real squeeze masks have a lot of product in them. So once you’re done with the face squeeze out the mask mask and rub them on your hands and elbows and let it try while watching your favourite show! Your hands need the hydration after all the repetitive washing that we have been doing because of Corona. So go ahead and try on all those masks and radiate away!

Spritz a Fresh Scent
Fragrance sets the mood. In fact they are instant mood boosters. Sprinkle a little
of your favourite perfume and you are set for the day. Although we are working from home now don’t forget to spray on your favourite perfume to lift your mood.

Play With Your Makeup
Now that no one is watching you, you can perfect your smokey eyes. Try new
tricks, experiment and perfect your make up skills so that when the occasion
comes you slay! Prep for the work from home ahead with a touch of bold lipstick.
Just because you are not going out now does not mean you have to look drab.

Experiment With your Hair
Similarly for your hair, experiment when no one will be seeing you. Try out hairstyles at home which you are not so confident to go out in. Perfect the beachy waves or blowout. Now that you have plenty of time use it to perfect that hairdo which you always wanted to perfect. I have been doing the same, I’m trying out how to get those loose curls in less than 10 minutes.

Makeovers are always fun!
Indulge With an At-Home Mani/Pedi. Doing a manicure/pedicure in home at your leisure hours seems like the perfect
way to spend some time with yourself. You just need a mani/pedi kit and nail polishes you already own. I used the Innisfree foot masks that were lying at home for long. If you don’t have those you can soak your feet in warm water, exfoliate with a plumice stone or scrubber. Smother them with lots of moisturiser. Get creative with colours and cool designs on your nails. Bright nails are a mood lifter too.

Relax in a Really Dreamy Bath
This is the best part. Prepare with a few scented candles before you step into your
tub or shower. You can add some bath salt or some essential oil and of course bubbles.
Bubble baths are proven stress busters. Play some soothing music in the
background and give yourself a long and relaxing luxury bath.

Go for a Full Facial
No beauty treatment is complete without a facial. Now that you have all the time
in the world go for it. For this you can refer to the other post for a complete
guidance. Follow all the steps of cleaning, exfoliating, toning and mosturising.

Relieve Tension in Your Face
Any signs of stress and tension show on our face in the form of break outs, fine
lines and what not. Even your skin will look lusterless. So it’s very important to
release all the pent up tension there. Use a massage tool or roller to boost lymphatic drainage and sooth the skin. Regular massaging will give you a youthful
appearance. You will start feeling the results not just see!

Smile Facials
This might not be there on your usual beauty routine. But if you are taking care of
your entire body you might as well spend some time and effort on your smile. Smile facials include more than your regular lip scrub and lip balm. Add a tongue scraper or cleaner, gum gel and tooth polish to whiten your teeth. Smile exercisers are a thing too. They train your smile to give them a more natural and upturned effect. I know that’s weird, read about it and had to share it with you guys!!

Try out these beauty rituals at home and before you know it we will be out of this lockdown!

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