Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara is intense pitch Black and layers easily for bigger impact. I first bought it in Dubai when someone at the Benefit counter in Sephora recommended it me and I agreed to give it a shot as I was not happy with the mascara I was using back then. I am so glad that I tried it as now it is kept me hooked to it. Since then I have found no reason to go for another brand. Benefit Bad Gal Bang creates massive volume without weighing down
and uses the all new space technology. It is smudge proof and water resistant. Instead of flaking or smudging throughout the day, these “tubes” slide off with warm water and some gentle pressure while removing the make up. All it takes is less than 60 seconds to dry up and make your eyes look
magical as ever.

These pictures don’t do justice but I can assure you it’s the best mascara I have ever used.

Ajmira shaikh

Ajmira shaikh

Most of my friends tell me that I don’t require mascara since my lashes are quite long but there’s something about Mascaras. It’s been a year since I have started wearing Mascara regularly because it actually opens up the eye making them look brighter. I don’t use the Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara for daily use since my lashes are long it makes it look too heavy on my eyes. I swear I have been asked too many times if I’m wearing falsies. I promise you, you will love this mascara.

Ajmira shaikh

The brush is made from hard, relatively inflexible plastic, which separates every last lash. The whipped textur lengthens and thickens without plopping too much on, thanks to it’s so many teensy-tiny
microfiber bristles. Its gravity-defying formula contains a row particles made from one of the lightest known materials. It’s custom big slim pack brush is streamlined to reach root to tip, corner to corner and upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360 A Reach. The result is lifted and length and lashes that almost kills the look of falsies as my eyelashes are already quiet huge. It’s a big beauty enhancer and
makes the eyes look awaken and well defined without irritation so it’s perfect for sensitive eyes. I can safely say it’s my ‘Holy Grail’ Mascara.

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