Cantaloupe Levels – Luxury Beach Resort

The Cantaloupe Beach Hotels in Galle, Sri Lanka are two luxury and lifestyle boutique hotels that have their own distinct charm and style. Following the success of the Cantaloupe Aqua, Cantaloupe Levels was opened in Rumassala, Galle, and is quite different from the first property, both in terms of ambience and architecture. Both the properties are climbing the charts to become one of the most sought-after, trendy beach hotels in the island of Sri Lanka, providing a stay of luxury and decadence.


Cantaloupe levels
The view from Levels is very different from that of Aqua, but it is every bit as lovely and serene as the other one. The glorious view of the sunsets that I witnessed from my suite was absolutely magical, to say the least. The hotel provides five spacious and comfortable Deluxe Suites to choose from, and all of them boast of magnificent views of the gorgeous, aquamarine ocean. This property also has a Tri-colour pool, with private Jacuzzis in every suite. The suites are also very well-furnished and well-equipped with state-of-the-art modern equipments and amenities, much like the first property.

Cantaloupe levels

While the food menu is similar to the menu at Cantaloupe Aqua, the menu at Levels also includes fusion and western cuisine along with the traditional Sri Lankan fare, which makes it unique. The fresh and delicious fish items are must-haves!

Cantaloupe levels

Cantaloupe levels

The relaxed ambience of the property is further enhanced with the presence of wooden beach decks, ideal for lounging under the warm sun. The property also has a private beach where one can engage in a lot of fun activities like surfing, snorkelling, scuba-diving and fishing!

You can also enjoy a fascinating trek through a rainforest in the jungle beach, or indulge in beach shopping. Exciting cooking classes are also held regularly, and they are an immense amount of fun. The Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is very popular among tourists and visitors, is located quite close to the property.
For a complete experience of this marvellous island country and its rich culture, do visit this stunning property!

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