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Corbett the Baagh is a holiday haunt located in blissful isolation, in the lap of Patkot village, on the edge of dense Sitabani forest in Uttrakhand. It is strategically situated, in the abundance of natural resources, amidst the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayan mountains. Upon drawing the curtains, early in the morning, one is privy to a picturesque scenery with Sal trees flanking resort boundaries, lush green mountains and organic farms impregnated with plantations.

IMG_8001A walk around the property revealed the seamless gardens maintained with shrubs, flowers and hedges. It’s commendable that despite being located in the heart of wilderness there is no compromise on the opportunities to indulge in sumptuous treats for the mind, body, soul and taste buds. ‘Nivala’, an in-house multi cuisine restaurant, treats you to not only the traditional dishes but their local prides too. One can relax and unwind on the sprawling lawns of the resort. They have lots of sporting avenues like badminton, table tennis and basketball too.

IMG_8003The rooms are available in three categories and are charged accordingly – Premium suites, Superior suites and the Leopard suites. The rooms are spacious, stacked with modern  amenities and done with chic decor. According to the room allotted it could either open up to sprawling lawns, with mountains in the foreground, or cosy balconies. The journey begins within the resort as the vibes of the surroundings warm you up to their world.
I should forewarn the readers, that Idea and Vodafone are the only sim operators that function in the resort. However, they provide the guests in certain spaces with complementary Wi-fi facility. The staff were always available on our beck and call and provided us with hot water bottles and heaters on request.

corbett the baagh
The resort authorities have taken up the task to define wildlife experience beyond jungle safaris and tiger sightings. They beautifully curate a range of activities for their guests. The resort and the locals of the Patkot village work in a synergistic coordination to bring the guests close to the Kumaoni life and culture. Naturalist accompanied village and organic farm visits, bonfires, Jungle safari and detailed knowledge about everything around are few of the amazing experiences we had.


My fondest memory of Corbett The Baagh comes form the night we celebrated Lohri. The resort organised a bonfire with locals drumming the ‘Dhol’ to local beats and Mr. Imran Khan recounting anecdotes and Mr. Bhatt demonstrating animal alarm calls. For some reason the meld of emotions, vibes and warmth makes the euphoria- like experience of that night inexplicable.
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The hospitality and the services of the staff of Corbett The Baagh are surely praise-worthy. Next time you visit Jim Corbett, I urge you to definitely lodge here for a refreshing and an unique holiday experience!

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