Dior Show Khol – High Intensity Pencil

Eyes are supposed to be most expressive and fragile.  Therefore, one has to be very cautious while buying the eye liner or kajal.  I have actually tried many brands and recently got a Dior show khol  pencil with quite high expectations. If you know me in person, you know how I have started trying make up products and I love experimenting with luxury products. However all my expectations came crashing down right from the moment I began using it. And I blame it on the store guy at the Dior showroom for recommending me the wrong product! I asked him to show me a kohl that I can apply daily but instead he gave me a Kohl for creating smokey eyes. From the very first day Dior Show Khol began to smudge right after one hour of application. 

dior show khol pencil

The colour is jet black which is why I bought it but I did not want a smokey eye pencil. I did not know I was applying the wrong product on my eyes until I did some research online. Really did not expect Dior people to employ someone who is not good at his work. Before I got to know I was using the wrong product I was really unhappy with Dior Show Khol Pencil. When I used it to create a smokey look I felt I liked it but I have used better pencils. It is fine just for an hour after which it starts spreading. When I apply this, it’s like I have to carry a small mirror in my bag and check each time.  Sometimes one is just not at the place that is right to do it.  It is just not waterproof  and during hot  humid weather, it spreads all around the eyes.  And after all the spreading becomes even herculean task to remove it. It is not at all waterproof or smudge proof which it claims to be! It is really irritating when eye pencils are not smudge proof, isn’t it? If you are going to price a product 1550 INR at least make it smudge proof if not water proof. There are better products available for cheaper. So, never look at the brand always pay attention to the quality!

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