Dress With Confidence – You are How You Dress

Thick thighs, potato, fatso, plumpy and what not! Body shaming has become as ubiqutous as obesity these days. Though it may sound light hearted and funny, but it is quite hurtful and might also lead to the development of an inferiority complex or even depression. Instead of falling a prey to such criticisms and letting them get the better of you, one should combat this ill practice. Try to make improvements in your lifestyle and try to achieve a fit body. And most importantly, you should accept your body the way it is and have confidence in yourself. Dress with confidence because you are what you wera!Here are some tips to dressing right, smart and carrying yourself effortlessly 

  • Always stick to basics. Well tailored fabrics never go out of style. Also, dressing smartly is the trick. Wearing dark coloured fabrics on heavy parts of the body will make them look toned. Wear what suits you and you will get it right!


  • Don’t follow Trends Blindly : Trends are fun to follow, but stepping out of your comfort zone to merely follow trends is not advisable. Being uncomfortable in your outfit will pave way for low confidence and clumsiness. Always remember, confidence is the most impressive thing that one can wear. IMG_0200 
  • Accessorise Well : Accessories play a very important role in ensuring good dressing. Accessorise to attract attention. If you have heavy arms then do not wear armlets or bangles, rather wear a nice neck piece that will deviate all the attention towards your shoulders and neck.


  • Comfortable Footwear : Wearing comfortable and classy footwear is the ultimate dressing tip. Heels are classy but not always the right thing to wear. At times, slipping on sneakers or flip flops is the right thing to do.


  • Only Your Opinion Counts : The last and the most important tip: Only your opinion matters. No matter what people think and say, you should find yourself beautiful and carry yourself with grace and confidence. Remember, following trends are not always fun, making your own style trend is ultimate bliss!


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