Fairmont Jaipur – A Royal Indulgence

No two Fairmont Hotels are alike. This is the trademark of The Fairmont Group, the proud builders of 60 properties around the country that are the paradigm of beauty, grandeur and opulence. Local authenticity takes centre stage in the architectonics of the group. Bringing the culture and history of Rajasthan to life with the utmost authenticity, is the Fairmont Jaipur. One of the flagship hotels of the Fairmont group in India, this one at Jaipur encloses a whole another world within it.

Situated rather incongruously on a closed alley, just off NH8 amidst abundant wilderness, this hotel stands as an epitome of imperiousness. I entered through an anachronously enormous wooden door that was looked down upon by a tower where trumpeters and gongs men stood, to announce the arrival of the guests in the most ostentatious manner with horn blows and drumbeats. I enter to find a dainty courtyard followed by the reception hall. As I entered, the resplendent hall left me awestruck with ceilings double as high as the regular ones, the edges of which were adorned by labyrinthine jaalis and majestic pargetry. Blending perfectly, the intricate architecture of the erstwhile Rajputana and Mughal framework, the Fairmont is a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. As I walked through the hall, taking in its loveliness inch by inch, I wondered how the hotel would be every photographer’s utopia. Interrupted in my thoughts.


Ingenious, yet beautiful, I wanted to capture each and every detail in my camera, but no lens could do justice to the craftsmanship and innovation that had been put in by the makers. Not only photography, but the place is a perfect wedding destination as well. Theme based destination weddings in this hotel would be larger than life. How I love the idea!


Having travelled all the way to the place, hunger was taking its toll on me, so I headed for lunch. Serving luscious Rajasthani meals with the choicest desserts, the restaurants in Fairmont Jaipur has a lovely Mughal ambience. Again, a blend of Rajputana, Persian and Mughal legacy combined to perfection! I enjoyed the Laal Maas which was outstanding. The next day we were served lunch in a brass tiffin which is their speciality. Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni, Rice, Butter Naan, Aaloo Gobee were among the delicacies that they served, to list a few.A truly fulfilling meal it was! 

With a full stomach and pleasant mood, I went on to explore the Fairmont Jaipur further. To my utter surprise, the Fairmont Jaipur is much more than a grand entrance, a majestic hall and luxurious rooms. A swimming pool, a gym with its sauna, steam room and whirlpool, a ballroom, seven meeting rooms and a cigar diwan- which is a smoking room and Aza- the stately library, which is very interesting. But overshadowing all is the Fairmont Gold Floor. A hallmark of the Fairmont group, the gold floor is a hub of extravagance, offering services like an exclusive lounge, butler service, private check in/out, cocktails, canapés and what not! It is sheer opulence spread across 9 yards. The opulence but is not limited to the Gold Floor, the hotel itself is opulence incarnate, and I relished every bit of it!


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