Goa in Monsoon – A Must Do!

Goa is one of the coolest beach destinations in the world but have you ever visited Goa in Monsoon? Never, then please do now. There is something about visiting Goa in Monsoon – the thick clouds, the sunsets, a long walk on the beach and lesser crowd. Goa gets painted in shades of green in Monsoon, hills covering themselves in misty veils. The muddy smell, the blowy winds makes the season look beautiful. Rainy months in Goa are the best time to explore and have fun.

goa in monsoon

June and July see the heaviest rains and it’s all dramatic and fun. When it rains, it pours and gets stormy but they usually last up to half an hour or so. It slows down in the months of August and September.

During Monsoon, you won’t see much of western tourists but tourists do enjoy this season in Goa to the fullest. The coast is usually empty during this season and the shops and most of the accommodations in Goa close down because of less tourists and I feel its the best time to explore. Goa does not lose its charm in this season. The nature comes alive and the tropic comes into view in its entire splendour. In summer, the springs and waterfalls are in full force. And the greenery and the beaches are clean and deserted and also the river cruises are more romantic.

goa in monsoon

This Monsoon season in Goa attracts tourists by their famous eastern therapies, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and eco – tourism. They enjoy quiet rest, comfort and privacy as the rains are on and mostly people are inside. This also increases a friendly communication with the locals.

goa in monsoon

There are numerous activities which can be done in this monsoon season such as – fly boarding, river rafting, water sports activities, cruising and lot more. Monsoon in goa is beautiful. Far from beaches, the forested hinterland of the state literally comes alive during the monsoon. The most popular attraction in this season is Dudhsagar falls, one can experience the white frothy water of the waterfall. The falls also attract the trekkers who come to climb through the challenging terrain to the head of the falls.

During the Monsoon season, south and north Goa gets cheaper. South Goa is the place to go to and escape the crowds, although I stayed in North Goa because of work.  South Goa is very quiet. Usually the rates of the luxury hotel rates fall and are perfect for a Monsoon break.

goa in monsoon

 There are wildlife sanctuaries to explore as the greenery and the weather make it more interesting. I have left that for next time! Staying in the north we went towards Morjim to experience the quiet beach which is even quieter during the Monsoons. The bad part of visiting Goa during Monsoon is that its difficult to find shacks to chill or eat when you get hungry while taking a long walk on the beach! 

Make conversations with the locals and enjoy the raw flavours of Goa. If you love unexpected showers and do not mind nature taking over your life for once, you must visit Goa in Monsoon. 

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