Google Pixel 3 – Magic in Your Pocket!

Google Pixel 3 XL is the bomb! Yes I said it. You guys know how much I loved the Google Pixel 2 XL camera but the Google Pixel 3 XL’s camera is even better. Google Pixel 3 XL has a big wide touch screen display of 6.3”. It comes with the ability to be charged wirelessly using pixel stand with 18 watt fast charger. It is said it can be used for 7 hours after just 15 minutes of charge. Magnificent!

Google Pixel

The phone’s battery is yet another example of it’s marvellous creation. I have used the Google Pixel 2 XL and I can say Google Pixel 3’s battery has deeply impressed me as it can work for approximately 24 hours with just 30 minutes of charging. Mighty impressed!

Google Pixel

As I travel very often, features I have most fixation about is the camera. Google has added a ton of new features for an even better experience. I no longer need my DSLR to capture the moments. Google Pixel 3 clearly proves that you don’t need more than a single rear camera to take the best photos. Google’s software magic continues to impress, and the new Night Sight mode which lets you take low light photos without needing a flash is a total game changer. It offers an array of alternate photos to choose from. Another mind-blowing feature is the artificial intelligence which provides you with 184% more room in photos for better group selfies. I am clearly obsessed with the wide angle selfie.

Google Pixel

Another amazing feature is that it can be used as a Google assistant. It will slowly brighten up to gently wake you up and reacquaint you with your morning routine on top of that it can be used as a digital photo frame too. Can you believe that! Another upgradation is its speakers that provide 40% better and louder sound.
There are innumerable helpful features to make our lives easier like Gmail smart compose, suggest phrases stickers and GIFs to use while texting. Also, the Google lens which is really useful. Digital wellbeing limits the time that we spend on specific apps. The do not disturb mode allows want to maintain privacy simply by flipping it over.

Google PixelI can go on and on but you can enjoy the first hand experience of this little miracle yourself. Head over to my Instagram and participate in the fun contest going on. I am giving away 15 Pixel Power Ups which will help you get your Google Pixel 3 from Flipkart. Hurry!

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