Himalaya Winter Skin Secrets

Winter is slowly setting in, as much as we enjoy the break from the harsh summers and as beautiful and peaceful winter sounds it can get cold and cruel as well. Our skin being it’s very first victim.
My skin tends to get even drier during winters. Recently I got to try Himalaya’s Winter Skin Secrets range. This range is super budget friendly and affordable.


Lets talk about the nourishing skin cream first which is light, non greasy appropriate for daily use as it provides all day moisturising, nourishment and protection from the harsh cold. The cream is blended with extracts of Aloe vera, winter cherry, Indian Kino tree, Indian pennywort protecting the skin from pollution and dry weather by creating a shield. It is priced at 50ml-INR 75, 100ml-INR 125, 200ml-INR 220

Himalaya’s nourishing body lotion helps in storing body’s water content with the help of it’s herbal actives. It prevents the skin from loosing moisture in the varying weather conditions. The smooth milky lotion leaves the skin soft ,toned and wanting for more. The lotion deeply penetrates the skin to provide that winter glow. It is priced as INR 235 for 400ml, INR 130 for 200ml, INR 75 for 100ml.

There are different skin types and Himalaya has taken care of each one of them. Cocoa butter intensive body Lotion is specially designed for dry skin to keep it buttery soft all day long. It intently moisturises and keeps the skin smooth. Cocoa butter’s deep penetrating natural ingredients help repair the dead cells. Enriched with the goodness of cocoa butter and wheat germ oil it helps in replenishing the lost nutrients. It is priced at INR 260 for 400ml, INR 150 for 200ml, INR 85 for 100ml

Himalaya has taken care that we do not miss summer fruits in winters. You can pamper your lips with different flavours from Himalaya’s shine lip care products. Winter doesn’t spare our lips either,making them chappy as ever but Himalaya’s
strawberry/litchi/peach shine lip care is all set to beat it.The luxurious strawberry/litchi/peach shine lip care product instantly moisturises lips to keep them soft and supple. The moisture-retention formula along with skin soothers make the lips naturally glossy while the antioxidants protect them from environmental damage.

What I found really interesting is that they are enriched with 100% natural colour and vitamin E. It is free from all preservatives, petroleum jelly and silcone. Also they have ingredients like Castor oil,Peach kernel oil,strawberry seed which have soothing emollients that help in rejuvenating the lips and make them look fuller.
Himalaya strawberry/litchi shine lip care is available in 4.5g and is priced at INR 150.

Hope this helps in selecting your Winter Skin care products.

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