How often do you find yourself perplexed by the technicalities of airport style and packing what modern-day trips involve? While packing for a vacation may be exciting for some, for most it can turn out to be one of the most stressful experiences. With airports evolving into unofficial high-fashion runways in recent times, and after years of trial-and-error experiences on my own escapades, I decided to put together a few tips which will help you travel in style.

SNEAKERS : With athleisure being the newest lasting trend in the circuit, cool and comfy sneakers are my go-to footwear when I’m travelling and even when I’m not traveling, you guys know how much I love sneakers. They let you do the running around without any hindrance, and also make sure your fashion game is on point.Travel and fashion
DENIM JACKETS : Denim jackets are the most versatile pieces of clothing ever! You can throw on a denim jacket with just about anything, and it makes your look go from basic to chic in the blink of an eye. It can be paired with summer dresses, shorts, pants, and almost everything else. Also, you can go for the super-cool denim-on-denim look if you’re particularly feeling the denim love.MINIMAL JEWELLERY: When you have a long journey on the cards, it is best not to clutter your look with too many accessories. I keep it super minimal by throwing in some rings and bracelets which really accentuate the look of an outfit. If you’re an earrings or neckpiece person, make sure they’re not too elaborate for a fuss-free experience or you can even go for chunky belts.
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SCARF : Scarves are, again, one of the best things to have happened to the world of fashion because of its versatility. Apart from looking super stylish with most outfits, its most practical use is to protect you from the cold and the sun. However, it has some fun uses too. I had to use one as a wrap-around skirt to enter a church in Rome! You never know what comes in handy on a trip! Pro tip: Always have a scarf with you on long flights. It tends to get cold, and it can be used as a blanket or even extra pillow if you’re not flying business class.

Indian travel blogger
MINI CROSSBODY BAG : Small crossbody bags are very travel-friendly and convenient if you want to roam around without baggage with just the basic essentials in your purse. They suit day wear to evening wear seamlessly and are the best travel buddies you can hope for!indian travel blogger
COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: You will always find a pair of flats and flip-flops in my suitcase when I’m travelling. Nothing beats the joy of discovering a new place on foot, and to be honest, most of us can’t walk around all day in stilettos. Comfortable footwear will be your best friends on trips, so make sure you never forget to take them along!
BOYFRIEND JEANS : Boyfriend jeans are my soul-mates these days! Comfortable and trendy, they tie together any outfit perfectly. When you’re constantly on the move, a pair of boyfriend jeans lets your body breathe. Once you try on the perfect pair, you’re sure to fall in love it forever!indian travel blogger
HAND BAGGAGE: Getting the airport hand baggage right is a pretty huge deal. I would suggest a cutesy stylish backpack or a big spacious tote bag, whichever suits you more! You can put together all that you need on the airplane in it, and it’s sure to make your travel experience much easier and better.indian travel blogger
That’s all you need to nail the airport look, and to make your trip one stylish experience. Hope this helps!

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