INDIA CIRCUS – Accolade to Indian Heritage


Our home, less often than usual, is a reflection of the vivid culture we belong to. But with modernity taking pace, our abodes have been robbed off the essence of Indian culture. However, an online venture, India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, looks like a promising platform, to satiate the desire to surround ourselves with indigenous decor and utilities. With an Indian palette on board, they draw inspiration from both Mughal dynasty and the road side Chaiwalla .They have curated a line of products, crafted in classic designs with pleasing soft-edged contours. Each product offered, embodies sophistication with a dash of ‘Desiness’ without draining one’s wallet.

Adding to the rich blend of a modern chic style and India’s antiquity, the fabric and material used is of exceptional quality too . The catch here is, that every product evokes a sense of refinement and luxe. You could revamp your living room with exquisite mounted wall art, wall clocks, cushions and lamps which have typical symbols from modern and ancient India imprinted upon them such as Elephants and Peacocks, Krishna in the lap of nature, Architectural marvels of Mughals, Red double-decker bus of Mumbai, Jootis and what not! Even the accessories would add refinement to your royal Indian couture.

Their endeavour for promoting endangered arts like the ‘Bidri Art’ – which dates back to 14th century, is something that sets it apart from its contemporaries. The website scores brownie points not only for the Indian Culture it promotes but for their ‘Art for a cause’ crusade too. Every product bought in the ‘The gateway school collection’ is a contribution on your behalf to ‘The Gateway school of Mumbai’ – a school dedicated to children with special learning requirements. Also, during festival season they offer ‘Gift combos’ which are easy takeaways to enhance your gift shopping experience. It is customer friendly as it has both cash on delivery or online payment option, they ship their products to almost 120 countries and have a flexible return policy. All in all it’s a site for the kind of shopaholics who go gaga over the ‘Dilli Haat’ stuff and are street shopping fanatics! Even if you don’t buy anything, its still scintillating to your senses as various eras have been captured in everyday products that we use.



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