Innisfree’s Moisture Lip Treatment

If you pick the right lip balm, it may be your companion for a long time. I too had found a nurturing companion for my lips in the lip balm from Body Shop’s Vitamin E range. We went together for a long time, but our companionship came to an end with it being ‘out of stock’ in most stores. After several failed attempts at finding a suitable new companion, I came across Innisfree’s Moisture Lip Treatment.

Moisture Lip Treatment

The Moisture Lip Treatment gives rough lips rich moisture for soft care. The presence of Camellia oil and Shea butter in the Moisture Lip Treatment gives the lips a silky smooth texture. Applying a single layer gives wondrous results. In fact, if a thick and even layer is applied before going to bed, it acts as a sleep mask, and make the lips really glow! It smoothens chapped lips and provides nourishment to keep them plump. This is because it can provide superior anti- oxidant protection while preserving the fine line around the lips. It has a very mild, buttery fragrance, and an even milder flavor of cocoa butter. It has a unique Moisture Locking System, which keeps the lips hydrated for a long period of time. Its milky, viscous texture of Laneige basic duo hydrates and moisturizes all types of skin. It contains three fruit seed oil, comprising of apricot, peach, and plum, that creates a fresh moistful lip colour. One can even say that the end result is rather vivid, and beautifully tinted. Portioned out in small quantities of 9 grams, each tube is conveniently sized to fit the palm of the hand. Available at a very reasonable price of 350 rupees, the product is available in any Innisfree store.

So girls, groom yourself a little, and throw on a little shade. Lips like roses, dropping myrrh!

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