Jet Airways – The Billion Miles Festival

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again.” – is one of the most widely used epigraphs on memes and pictures on social media in the present times. The world is indeed full of travel enthusiasts and itinerants who have a niche for exploring every nook of the globe. Jet Airways, India’s full service premiere international airline, brings forth an opportunity that will prove to be nothing less than a “dream come true” for all the travel lovers, where travel engenders travel! It is the Billion Miles Festival! You can earn 15,00 to 10,000 JPMiles per sector depending on the class of travel. 1500 for Economy, 5000 JPMiles for Première, and 10,000 JPMiles for First Class.

billion miles festival

This festival is a corollary of the JetPrivilege Programme which was introduced in 1994 and is a frequent flyer programme that rewards it’s frequently travelling members or those acclaiming any services from the group, with JPMiles (JetPrivilege miles). JetPrivilege Private Limited is a specialised loyalty and rewards management company, a joint venture between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways to manage the JetPrivilege Programme.

The procedure is simple and the idea is lucid. As a part of the Billion Miles Festival ,Members of the JetPrivilege Programme get the opportunity to earn and collect bonus JP miles( as many as one million!!) if you travel during the offer period and avail services from any associations of Jet Airways. You can then redeem these JPMiles to travel in  future. The number of JPMiles won depends on the following-
  • The Destination- if it is within the Indian subcontinent or an international destination
  • Fare Choices-Under the new fare structure, fares have been revised and recategorised and the number of JPmiles won depends upon the fare choices.
  • Distance Flown-For a TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage) of less than 500 miles, JPmiles will be calculated on minimum 500 miles and basis “Fare Choices”, only in case of Jet Airways marketed and operated flights but in case of Jet Airways marketed flights operated by one of the Airline partners, JetPrivilege members will continue to earn JPmiles as per the actual distance flown (TPM) and as per the selected fare.

billion miles festival

The offer spreads it’s wings further, as the Billion Miles Festival also announces one lucky winner every day during this period, who will win and have 1,00,000 JPMiles credited to their JetPrivilege membership account. Hold your breath if you are already overwhelmed, because here comes the final incentive! A grand jackpot! One of the winners of one million JPMiles will also be entitled to a grand jackpot prize.

The Billion Miles Festival has turned out to be nothing less than a boon for those planning a vacation this summer but here is something that could make your happiness levels transcend all possible boundaries! Redeeming JPMiles for award flights is convenient, quick and economic. Redemptions start as low as 5,000 JP miles for domestic and 6,000 JPMiles for international award flights on Jet Airways.

Jet Airways proves to be the perfect travel planner, organiser and provider as it comes up with the interactive JPMiles calculator/ mileage chart. This calculator tells you about all the possible destinations to which you can travel by redeeming your presently available JPMiles or vice-versa, just enter the destination that you wish to travel to and you get to know the required JPMiles as per your cabin/flight status. Also, JP miles calculated by the calculator are for direct flights only, for an indirect flight, a combination of JP miles required between the different sectors of the journey is to be calculated . Do not miss out on this singular offer and celebrate the Billion miles festival with Jet Airways this summer!!

For those  who are not members yet, can easily enrol themselves into the Privilege Programme by visiting or, to avail the JPMiles offer as soon as possible and reap the maximum benefits out of it because the offer is not only confined to travel and bonus JPMiles but opens up a rainbow of opportunities to earn, win, travel and rejoice!

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