Jorasanko Thakurbari – Rabindranath Tagore’s House

I have stayed almost all my life in Kolkata  but never visited Jorasanko Thakurbari until one day when my mother forced me to accompany her. Apart from being the land of sweets, Goddess Durga, Art and Literature, Kolkata is also the abode of tales untold and magnificent cultural heritage. In the very heart of the state, lie a number of places unexplored, a number of stories unheard and heaps of emotions unexperienced.

jorasanko thakurbari

jorasanko thakurbari

Having grown up in the state that the world admires, I had not cared to skim the town, let alone exploring every nook and corner of it. The region that we visited was adorned by some very impressive colonial buildings, with their old world charm, exquisite architecture and slated green windows that commemorate the British rule. These buildings; apart from adding to the beauty of the city; pay testament to the social, cultural and political heritage, also act as reminders of Calcutta once being the capital of the country. Victoria Memorial and St.Paul’s Cathedral being some of the examples of their kind.

jorasanko thakurbari


Joransko Thakubari is a must visit for tourists as well as the natives. It is the ancestral home of the pre eminent poet and author (Kobiguru) Rabindranath Tagore’s family,  located on the Rabindra Bharati University campus at 6/4 Dwarkanath Tagore lane, Joransko. It has now been restored and converted into a museum and is a store house of all the cherished memories of Rabindranath Tagore’s life because it is the very place where he was born, spent a major part of his childhood and breathed his last breath. The entry tickets to the museum cost a nominal amount of 5 Rupees for students and 10 Rupees for adults.

jorasanko thakurbari

jorasanko Thakurbari is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and the major event that is the light and sound show takes place in the evening hours. The timings of the show are precisely given below-
During November to January
Bengali: 6:00-6:40 pm
English: 7:00-7:40 pm
During February to june
Bengali: 7:00-7:40 pm
English: 8:00-8:40 pm


The nearest metro station to Jorasanko Thakurbari is Girish Park. The visiting duration is a maximum of 2 hours and in those mere 120 minutes one can experience the entire gamut of emotions, including joy, dolour, nostalgia, home coming, pain and excitement. The breath taking journey often leaves people spell bound and touched. It is quite sad that clicking pictures inside the museum is proscribed by the authorities but the reasons for doing so are quite valid. The beauty and essence of the emotional roller coaster ride that one goes through is not something that any camera can capture but can only be felt and it is therefore imperative to visit the museum in person. It was an enthralling experience that will be etched in my mind.

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