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Located in the heart of Pondicherry, on Rue Busy Street in white town is the perfect example of the amalgamation of France and India – Palais de mahe. Where on one hand, the high soaring ceilings and the architecture do justice to it’s location in the ‘French quarter’ of the union territory, on the other hand, the aroma of spices and the colours of the building bear testimony to it’s Indian side.

No matter how delightful travelling might be to a person, the craving for home haunts after a particular time span. Since nothing compares to home, CGH Earth; a group of hotels and resorts; brings to us travel experiences that make one feel at home. The group was established five decades ago and has been an epitome of hospitality ever since. Their aim is to provide their consumers with the best possible services, keeping in mind, the environment and it’s safety. “The protection and safe guarding of nature takes centre stage at CGH.A part and not merely a passerby”  is what they intend to make one feel about the place that they visit.

The core values of the group include environmental safety, including and benefitting the local communities and adopting the local ethos.It is their sole aim to provide luxurious, comfortable and an environment friendly stay to their consumers, by involving the local communities of that area. Hence providing employment and including the cultural essence of the localities where their hotels have been set up. The CGH Earth group has 14 hotels all over India that will provide you with experiences worth relishing!

The CGH Earth group once again goes beyond perfection in the accomplishment of their endeavours and bring to us this sumptuous treat. As one enters Palais de Mahe, a large swimming pool encompassed by luxury suites welcomes the guests. The three storeyed hotel has 18 luxury suites that offer a seating area, a mini bar in addition to the regular bed. The hotel leaves no stone unturned to cater to it’s guests and their convinience. An outdoor pool, a rooftop restaurant, a café, a bar and a spa are some other first-world services that have been provided to ensure complete rejuvenation of the visitors and make their experience a memorable one.The café serves amazing food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers both being on the menu and some delicious Indian and authentic French cuisine. The location of the hotel is such that one has easy access to some of the best places to visit. So if you plan to visit the union territory then Palais de Mahe is the perfect place for you to stay at because they make your stay worthwhile!

palais de mahe

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