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Places to Dine in Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is an exquisite experience and what makes it even more interesting is the delicacies that it has to offer, so here are the places to dine in Dubai next time you are there. Since I keep going to Dubai so often I will keep updating this list.
THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY – My visit to the cheesecake factory in Dubai Mall just proved it. The elaborate menu simply made my mouth water. Seeing the wide variety of cheesecakes, we couldn’t really resist ourselves. The softness to puffiness of the cake with cheesy flavour was a true delight. The portions were quite huge and filling. The shakes and the finger foods just blended perfectly in the mouth. We had a sumptuous meal. In fact even the location was great, located right near the aquarium so you cannot miss it.

What to order – Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Galore, Oreo Shake, Crispy Crab Bites, Crispy Tempura shrimp

Ladurée – If you have been following me on Instagram you already know how much I love this place. It’s famous for the delicious Macarons but you have to have breakfast or brunch here. It’s my go to place in the Dubai Mall whenever I want to take a break from shopping. No one does French Toast better than Ladurée.

What to order : Everything in the breakfast menu!
BOSPORUS – Dubai is one of those places where one gets the opportunity to taste food from around the world, and me being a food connoisseur does not spare this opportunity. So to grab this opportunity I tried one of the most popular Turkish restaurant- Bosporous. And the food truly mesmerised me. The flavours were so fresh and a perfect balance. What appealed me the most – The kebabs especially the Adana kebab, was so juicy and had a pleasant texture. It was just perfectly cooked. I relish Turkish food and this is just the right place for all Turkish food lovers. Be it small beef or lamb tumblings or fried egg plant, we savoured all the flavour. All in all it was an amazing experience, the ambience was good and we had a great time.

What to order – Adana Kebab, Mixed Appetiser Palette, Kumpir with Chicken, Mixed Grill

SHAKESPEARE & CO – I have always wanted to go to Shakespeare & Co in Paris and I was completely awestruck by the ambience of Shakespeare & Co Café. It made everything come to life whatever I had read as it is a Victorian era themed restaurant. The colourful and vibrant café enlightened our moods with old picture frames, beautiful tapestry, artistic furniture. What made me fall in love with the restaurant was that the food was equally amazing. The diverse menu offered continental, French, European style dishes and much more. We went for the continental first and then the French patisserie for desert. The food was fresh and we could savour all the flavours in our mouth. It was a wonderful experience.

What to order – Cakes, Halloumi Sandwich, Salads,

BOMBAY BRASSERIE – I have been to Bombay Brasserie in Kolkata and I really enjoyed the food there and I had to try it in Dubai since it was located in the hotel we were staying. Dining in the Bombay brassiere restaurant just reminded me that no food could match Indian food any better. It has a unique concept of open kitchen, vibrant and oversized art, sophisticated interior. The restaurant offers a perfect combination of classic and contemporary food. It is a perfect place for all vegetarian food lovers. The sizzling platters were absolutely irresistable. The food possessed a brilliant combination of exotic flavours. Along with this one even gets the opportunity to enjoy the Burj view.

What to order – Starters (family style), Nalli Nihari, Khajoor Anjeer Halwa

WAGAMAMA – Nothing delights me more than a delicious thai cuisine and this was my experience at the Wagamama. I have always been a Wagamama fan since my college days in the UK and had to try it in Dubai too. As we entered the aroma of the food make our mouth water. The chicken katsu curry was a die for. The flavours just oozed out into our mouths. The blend of flavours of that curry was perfect & the food was light and fresh. We had a sumptuous meal. The staff was cordial and service was fast. We really loved the place as it provides a perfect combination of thai flavours. There is a lot of options for vegetarians too.

What to order – Edamame, Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki, Chilli Ramen, Make it your own Curry

GUNAYDIN – The place offered excellent Turkish delight. The tongue savoured traditional Turkish food. We went for breakfast and the menu was just so diverse. They served almost everything that one could expect. The kababs were delicious and juicy. In fact the kebab platter was amazing and totally filling. We couldn’t think of ordering anything else. The staff was cordial & ambience great. This place is highly recommended.

What to order – Yaprak sarma, Kuzu Pirzola, Marinated Shish Kebab

WAFI GOURMET – This restaurant offered the most finger licking & authentic Lebanese food. It had a huge variety and what amazed us even more was the fabulous view of the dancing fountain & the majestic Burj Khalifa. If you are in the mood for finger food or just want to drink a few juice . Soaking our mind in peace & our tongue in the Lebanese flavour, we relished every bite and had a wonderful time. This place is worth visiting.

What to order – Finger food and Juice

ABDELWAHAB – This place is well known for its Lebanese roots and it stays true to it. It also offers a variety of middle eastern dishes. We had a memorable dining experience as we tried on a number of dishes and all of them were just impeccable. One can even relish the food more as it comes along with an amazing fountain view.

What to order – Finger food

P F Chang’s- Nothing delights me more than a sumptuous Chinese meal. The food and the ambience is just lovely. Delicious is an understatement. It’s fusion style recipes are especially exquisite. The continental food is equally amazing. Courteous staff and classy decor will certainly enhance your experience. We ordered Kung pao shrimp first along with some special fried rice. It had such a delicate aroma and perfect texture to it. The Dynamite Shrimp is their best seller, you have to try it.
What to order- Dynamite Shrimp, Mongolian beef, Mocktails, Mapo Tofu

Iran Zamin- This restaurant won’t fail you in providing a lip smacking appetising food. Probably the best Iranian restaurant in town, from the appetisers to the main course, it’ll leave you swooning over it. This is just the right place for all the Iranian food lovers. We started off with lamb kebab which was perfectly cooked followed by some irresistible sizzlers. The food possesses a brilliant combination of exotic flavours. And the sophisticated art spoke volumes. The live music played alongside in their Marina branch will make the whole vibe of the place high spirited and make for a memorable visit. You have to taste the food here and believe me you’ll thank me later.
What to order- Koobideh, Iranian Tea, Lamb Kebab

Smokey’s La mer- This place has the best location to catch some amazing views of the beach while devouring into some delightful food. The service is not so good but the hype is worth it. The peronic variety of food will let you indulge in diverse cuisines as well. Sheesha lovers will fall in fall with this place. Don’t forget to catch the sunset here! You’ll love it.
What to order- Turkish tea, sezar salad, beklava, hamburger

Tika Taka- Dubai is one place that guarantees you leisure and luxury like never before and this place totally maintain the standard with it’s quality food that’ll quench your taste buds and will leave you wanting for more. The colourful and vibrant decor will instantly elevate your mood and will let you savour every bite. You can definitely drop by this place if you’re in the Dubai Marina area. I had a wonderful time there and highly recommend this place.

Disclaimer – The photos might be jumbled up, I don’t quite remember!

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