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Places to Dine in Pondicherry

Pondicherry  proves to be a utopia for all gourmands and connoisseurs. The union territory offers a plethora of restaurants and food outlets that serve delicacies one can relish and I bring to you some of the best restaurants you can’t afford to miss when you are in Pondicherry. I went to more than ten restaurants in three days but these are the ones that I can recommend.

villa shanti

PALAIS DE MAHE – This 3 star hotel, situated on the busy street in white town; allows one to experience a perfect stay by providing comfortable accommodation and  palatable cuisine. The breakfast at the CGH Earth cafe is a must have with delicious Waffles and Basil Bruschettas being the most loved items and is sure to give your day an amazing start. Whereas the seafood at Les Alizes is appetising and will leave you yearning for more, it being a rooftop restaurant adds to the experience of eating and is sure to make the dinner a memorable one!

palais de mahe


LA VILLA – This is another hotel that is situated in the heart of Pondicherry and has a quaint, picturesque air to it that is equally fascinating to all. The ambience is simple, yet elegant and nevertheless, beautiful! The sea food and the Pastas are among the most recommended food items on the menu, Spinach and Roasted Apple Salad being another one which is not to be missed. The variety of food served is another icing on the cake. 


villa shanti

AUROVILLE BAKERY – A bakery cum café, this place opens as early as 6 in the morning and serves Bread, Biscuits, Pizza, Tarts, Quiche and Pies. A must visit for confectionery lovers. This is the best place to have a morning breakfast in Puducherry. The Banana cake, Apple pie chocolate cake and the freshly baked Bread are tantalising to the taste buds and “the special food for the day” is a singular feature of the place. The atmosphere is quite hospitable but make sure you visit the place in the mornings or the afternoons to avoid the rush hours that begin from 5pm onwards. Finished food supplies after the evening bear testimony to all the praises and compliments that this place is inundated with. Do not miss it!

auroville bakery

ZUKA – A cake and dessert shop located on MG Road, Zuka is by far the best place to visit in Pondicherry. Serving everything from chocolates to cakes and shakes, this place is the Shangri-La for all chocoholics.The chocolate spoons and hot chocolate are simply divine and the ‘chocolate pakoras’ are as luscious as intriguing they sound! Not only for the foodies, but the place is equally appealing to fitness freaks as it serves low-carb, healthy sandwiches and quick bites.The pandora box is another thing to look forward to and the coffee is rejuvenating as ever! Being highly praised and recommended by it’s visitors, this is one place which you should’nt miss out on.

zuka pondicherry

CAFÉ DES ARTS – Located in the heart of Pondicherry, near Palais de Mahe and Villa Shanti, this is a nineteenth century building filled with  colonial art work and wood work along with delicious French food. An ideal spot to visit for breakfasts and evening snacks, the place serves amazing Porridge, Muesli, Waffles and authentic french cuisine. The perfect place to sit back, relax or read a book, it also serves Smoothies and shakes that make for an arty afternoon.The setting is pleasant and serene in a courtyard and will provide for the much needed respite from all the travelling. They also have a lot of vintage fashion pieces on sale, so don’t miss out on that. Sad that the place shuts by 6 in the evening, nonetheless, it calls for a short visit!cafe des arts

CAFE XTASI – True to it’s name, Café Xtasi brings nothing but satiation, ecsatsy and a wholesome eating experience to it’s visitors. Located on the Mission Street in the M.G. Road area, this restaurant is the perfect escape from a bad day for all foodies.The menu; that begins with starters, and goes on further to include  burgers,pastas, pizzas, salads, cocktails, beverages and desserts; would itself be convincing enough to tittilate your taste buds and compel you to visit the place. The place remains open from 11 to 11 and serves the best Pizza in town. Having mastered the art of ‘wood-fired’ oven pizza making, people at Xtasi ensure that their visitors have a perfect evening sans restrictions  and therefore the restaurant serves all varieties of alcohol and cocktails. Therefore to all the gourmands out there, ecstasy calling!

cafe xtasi

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