Pondicherry – Plan To Have No Plan

The world that we live in is slowly and steadily turning into a rat race competition. Busy schedules, fast lives, cut throat competition and over vaulting ambition among people has left little or no room for themselves. Though striving hard to survive in the present scenario is imperative, but pausing and relaxing once in a while is equally important. On my recent visit to Pondicherry, I realised how, in order to make our lives better, we end up neglecting or side-lining the most crucial aspects of it.

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More importantly, how financial and monetary aspects are becoming priorities and health, relationships and mental satisfaction have taken a back seat. The French Quarters and Auroville took me back in time and insignificant reminisces of the slow life that prevailed back then, made me appreciate its beauty and singularity. We became familiar with the town by walking through its very streets and lanes, forcing me to remember the last time when I stepped out of my house for a leisurely stroll in my neighbourhood. The Matrimandir, churches and beaches were envoys of tranquillity that emphasised on the importance of peace. Mental and emotional peace in an individual’s life is extremely important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, meditation or pranayam should be made a part of one’s regime. These techniques allow an individual to make time for himself and introspect, leading to emotional stability and satisfaction.


After having a great experience in Pondicherry, with so much to learn from, I plan to visit the place again to spend sometime with myself, and to stop and appreciate what I have achieved till now. In a world that is moving faster than ever, slowing down at times feels good and at times, having no plan is just what you need. Try it once a month and observe the change that it brings about in your life!


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