Pushkar – Spirituality, Tranquility and Liveliness

A combination of spirituality, tranquility and liveliness is what one seeks for while planning a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of life. The mesmerising beauty of the architecture along with a holy touch is what one might wish for. Luckily all of this is fulfilled in a town in Rajasthan, Pushkar.

Though a small town, it is buzzing with life. I had no idea what this place was going to be like before I visited and I loved the vibe so much that I went back to Pushkar in a week again.

The moment you step out of the hotel, the innumerable things to do make it all a thrilling experience. Pushkar being a renowned pilgrim site is surrounded by many temples but Savitri temple and the Brahma temple are a must visit.

All the temples are so exquisite and have an interesting history behind their architecture that makes them worth visiting. One can experience the captivating view of the town from the Savitri temple. Infact, there is a ropeway to enjoy the perfect sunset. We sat there for sunset, met a Spanish and Nepali couple, clicked a few pictures for them and got to know that she met him while she was travelling in Nepal, now they are travelling the world together.

You have to be very careful of the Monkeys in Savitri temple, just don’t carry food with you which attracts them. Another famous temple is the Paap Mochini temple. All of these temples depict the culture and heritage of ancient india.

The beauty and solace that Pushkar offers has made it the most sort after destinations. The well known Pushkar lake stands exactly in the middle of all the temples. One can take an evening stroll near the lake. The lake is considered to be absolutely sacred and it possesses curative and medicinal properties.


The scenic views that the lake is surrounded by are worth while capturing, especially for those with photography as a hobby. A major tourist attraction is the is Pushkar fair which signifies its traditions, culture and the handicraft industry. Colourful and artistic clothes and jewellery are sold at throwaway prices. I got a Pineapple earring for 100 bucks and rings for 10!


One definitely cannot find such variety anywhere else. There are also many puppet shows and traditional dances of Rajasthan in the fair that add a cherry to the cake. A friend of mine said that the best part of visiting Pushkar is the Camel safari but as I am allergic to dust I did not go so I cannot really tell if its worth it.


The drive through the desert, knowing about the desert villages, fun filled evenings with dance and music can make anyone come to this place again. The best time to visit Pushkar is during the Pushkar festival which take place multiple times in a year. You can experience Nagada workshop, Yoga, heritage walks, all of this free of cost. You just have to register at the venue.


People are so intermingling and the togetherness they possess that being a tourist one might never feel aloof. Rather, enjoy being a part of all the cultures and traditions. the morning and evening aartis are another major attraction.


Being such a divine place, there is not a trace of negative energy and therefore one can feel all the positive vibes and experience the peace within. Now you know why I went back within a week! All in all, this destination should be on the top list of all travellers.

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