Ruffles and Cold Shoulders – A Spring Must Have!

It’s that time of the year when the chilly winters take an exit and the gorgeous season of Spring arrives. Most of us had to pack our heavy jackets and sweaters way too soon as the winters didn’t last that long this time. But guess what! No matter how classy the winter fashion was, we are all excited to grab our shopping caps and go on a Spring shopping spree.

This Spring, it’s all about ruffles and cold shoulders. This trend is so sophisticated yet so easy to carry; it is everything one needs in their wardrobe. Taking my obsession with this trend a little further, I recently chanced upon this beautiful dress by Femella and I am absolutely loving it! Femella is an Indian brand with a great collection of modern designs with a hint of elegance. This dress carries a lovely shade of blue and its shoulders are a combination of both ruffles and cold shoulders which makes it a perfect catch for this spring.




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