Strategies to Plan a Road Trip During the Pandemic

A very prime question everyone is going through right now is how will they normalise their lives after the pandemic and the most common and obvious answer to it is TRAVELING! Having been stuck in one place for over 5 months now, the first thing people would be rushing into is travel. Every single being is affected by the direct or indirect consequences of the pandemic and since traveling is the first choice. It is advisable to take road trips. Going by the trends road trips are way safer than any other mode of travel in the present scenario. Here are a few points to ponder on before you choose your mode of travel :

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Road trips are being considered as the safest
Suppose, you are on a trip and choose to reach your desired destination by public transport. You are going to be highly exposed to contamination. No matter how strictly you follow up the hygienic routine, it would be almost impossible to avoid direct contact with the virus when in-crowd.
On the other hand, road trips, either solo or with family, are the best way to avoid public places. Even if one gets infected, the chances of community spread are negligible, it stays inside the pack.

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Best way to avoid crowded junctions
It’s hard to imagine that you can avoid a crowd while traveling by public transport. But when on a road trip, you can easily avoid public places like hotels, dine-in restaurants, airports/stations, etc.

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Sanitization is easy
It is obvious that sanitizing your car is always easier than sanitizing a whole compartment or panel. It won’t be easy to sanitize each and every object you are likely to touch on public transport. Also, you might find it awkward to perform the ritual over and again but for a road trip, there’s nobody to judge you for being extra conscious towards your health.

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Staying in or staying out?
The place you choose to stay over describes your level of serenity through the journey. Choosing a stay over at a relative’s wouldn’t be a good idea. However, choosing a stay at a hotel or such means coming in contact with many people or possibly contaminated areas and ultimately increases the risk of a virus. Going places like vacation rentals or camps are more likely to be places of decreased risk of contamination. It is suggested that traveling during a pandemic should be done only in emergency cases and staying should be strictly avoided.

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Due to the sudden pandemic and a complete layoff over the economic sector, people are opting for frugal ways to rejuvenate their lifestyles. Road trips in every aspect will cost you less. When choosing to travel across the country, it is reasonable to take a trip on your own or rented car (for solo trips bikes are alright). You can pack your belongings and choose your own path, cutting down the expenses. Fuelling up the tank is way cheaper than a flight ticket.

Even if you choose to travel by road, the risk doesn’t end. A major threat might occur in case a person gets affected or is serious during the trip, chances of getting a health worker or a proper medication on the road is quite impossible in many regions of India. Here are a few things to carry and take care of before setting out on a road trip are enlisted here :

Road trip

• Getting all the papers of the vehicle and license checked, documented, and packed beforehand.
• It has been advised to take traveling insurance before you step out of your tour. Many sites are providing online term insurance at minimal rates with exciting plans and easy to redeem the matured amount.
• Even if you choose to travel solo, make sure you travel in a car. Get your own car or rent it as inside a car you’ll not be in direct contact with the public. There are many companies that have been providing self-driven rented cars for a long time in India.
• The cure for Corona Virus is far-fetched for the time being and the recovery processes locally. Long destination travel would still be prohibited, so short distance travel is stimulated.
• Visiting domestic sites will keep your immune as your body will not suffer from the influence of climatic conditions. Taking a tour around your city/state is even more practically innocuous. Switching countries is not advisable at the moment. Also, you’ll have to face the recent pandemic laws and act accordingly which might cost you as wasted days.
• While on a trip, make sure you have a route map with the latest changes across the state. Also, ensure the zones in which you are going to travel. Ensure a high-speed internet connection with you to stay up-to-date with the latest news.
• Make sure you carry a first-aid kit with you inclusive of all the essentials and medicines. Paracetamol, Vitamin supplements, Protein supplements, etc. are important. Carry contact details of nearby health services all through your route. Make sure that every single person traveling with you are aware of basic first-aid guidelines.
• Try to avoid eating outside, carry your own home-cooked food or, cook while camping or get accommodations with kitchen. Eateries might be home to contamination and should be strictly avoided. In case of emergency, do not dine in.
• At gas stations, do not jump out of the car without proper precaution.
• Sanitize yourself every time.
• While using public restrooms, ensure sanitization. Keep a personalized kit for every member to be used at times. If camping out, make a small site to be used as a washroom and dispose it off properly.

None of us know when will things get back to normal, but if we choose to live wisely we shall overcome this pandemic.

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