The Dubai Mall – Exploring the Huge Mall

Enclosing a different world within its unfathomable area is the Dubai Mall. The fifth largest mall in the world, spreading over an area of 3.77 million square feet, the magnificence of this architectural marvel is impossible to put in words. It consists of the Burj Khalifa building, world’s largest dancing fountain, an ice skating ring and a movie theatre with 22 screens, taking extravagance to another level. A plethora of restaurants serving the best cuisines from around the world and a gold souk add to the luxurious décor of The Dubai Mall.

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Although I’ve been to malls in many other countries and wasn’t really keen on this one but once I set foot in it and came across the collection that it offered, it became irresistible. Being a shopaholic, I couldn’t resist going to the mall on all the three days that I was in Dubai. Keeping track of time is quite a task while exploring the never ending shopping possibilities. It’s simply madness! The only drawback while shopping in a huge mall like this one is navigation. Although maps have been installed in the mall, my suggestion to all Indians who plan on visiting this mall is that you should prepare a list of all the things that you’d like to buy and the shops that you want to visit. This is an extremely helpful time saving technique and will save you a lot of exertion owing to walking. Although I hate walking, but the spirit of shopping kept me going. Thank God for the amazing restaurants that the mall has.

the dubai mall

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I visited a lot of them and the delicacies that served were heavenly! Hatam and The Cheesecake Factory definitely call for a visit. The cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory are worth dying for and the Humming bird café is yet another ‘one of a kind’ treat for gourmands and gourmets alike.You can enjoy Shisha and amazing food in Wafi while watching the fountain show. Eateries are scattered all over the place at The Dubai Mall and the decorations of the dessert shops feel like a part of a fairytale.  Lying on the outside area of the mall, Blanca serves you with the perfect food. Blanca has a nice view of the fountain show as well, you will enjoy eating like never before in this restaurant. I regret about not having enough time and missing out on places like Shakespeare and Co.

the dubai mall

The fountain show is something that you cannot afford to miss at The Dubai Mall. If you are not a shopaholic or you are visiting Dubai from countries which have all the brands, you can miss out on the mall but watching the fountain show becomes imperative to consummate your visit. Starting at 6 PM, the show takes place every 45 minutes. Watching 500 feet high fountains with various mellifluous tunes in the background is magical! It can also serve as a refreshing break from the tiring shopping spree. It was a nearly perfect place to visit and the best shopping experience I have had in a long time! 

Here are some pictures taken in and around The Dubai Mall, hope you like them!

the dubai mall

Some accessories I got!

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the mall of dubai

At Hummingbird cafe

At Hummingbird Bakery

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