The New Travel Trends of 2020

Every new year brings with it new energy and new approaches. This could be in any form. The ones followed widely and vividly turns out to be a TREND! Well, this is a usual souvenir for every other year, but the year 2020 is quite noteworthy. The year has challenged our jaunts and excursions, so travellers out there have taken to new trends that are completely non-conventional and are compliant with the recent safety standards of covid19. 

If you Google, “Best tourist destinations near me”, it is certain that you would be prompted by hundreds of popular tourist attractions in your city and country illustrating famous sites that you probably have visited lately. The travel industry has seen a major turnabout in recent years. Exploring local destinations is now a priority for many. For weekend getaways and short trips, the travel enthusiasts are reaching out to underrated local destinations. There are hundreds of unexplored sites near you that will mesmerize you. Traveling is a vast industry but, while the upfront is alluring, the subsidiary is subjugating. As the trend of going places near you increases, the ones directly impacted will be the local artisans, traders, brands, and pedlars. Local tourism has a greater scope only if there is a growth in the number of visitors. Also, they are beneficial for your own in numerous ways :
– Pocket friendly : options to be spontaneous during the trip- best for short trips- least planning required- safe in terms of social customs and communication.


Generally, a well planned international trip turns out to be real exhausting ones. People chose to travel during a vacation to calm their nerves and get relaxed, but long distances, crowds, and, exhaustive journey results are grueling due to the current situation. So, travelers around the world have started opting for staycations. The definition of staycation might vary depending on how you choose to tranquilize yourself. Some choose to stay indoors, camping around the garden while some opt for a spa session or spartan holidays. A staycation may also include a short drive to the countryside or visiting an ancestral home. In simple words Stay-Cation (a combination of staying and vacation) is you taking some time off your daily chores and bustle of city life. It is beneficial as :
– doesn’t cost much- self maneuvering- splendid time with family/friends/yourself. No exhausting tours- no extensive plannings and also safe during the pandemic.


Road trips are the most enticing travel option. It is rather suggested to take short trips with your loved ones and discuss your week with them. According to experts, such getaways help in strengthening the bond and also let you have a quality time together far from the hustle of urban life. Going to unknown roads increases your compatibility and give ways to a happy relationship. It is said that if you want to disclose or discuss something important, say it on a road trip. The benefits are :
– quality time- the only expense is fueling up of the tank- timeless memories- rejuvenation- a new experience


Slow Travel breaks many stigmas related to traveling and travelers. It is believed that travel enthusiasts usually prefer a fast-paced environment and seek to contemplate more in less time duration. It might be true to some but the latest trends show that people are choosing to visit only one place and adhering to every dimension there. Slow travel is not considered by the ones who are visiting a completely new place as their prime motive would be to explore in quantity. But for the ones visiting the place for a second time, slow traveling is in-depth exploration. Basically, the ones choosing for slow traveling, are at leisure and opt to live like natives. The idea of slow traveling is to manifest the cultural, and artistic adaptations. For writing journals or idling out, giving time to one particular place is the best. It also cuts the cost if you are visionary with your plans. Right now is the time to embrace slow travel. The benefits of slow traveling are :
– Good knowledge of a particular region- acquisition of cultural heritage- a break from regular lifestyle- eco-friendly- new discoveries.


Traveling solo is one of the many deepest desires a person has. Solo travels are much conceptualized and the chances of getting spontaneous are higher. Traveling solo is not much cost-cutting as any other travel trend this year but it is a justified break from being surrounded by people. Solo travelers are either spontaneous or organized or both but the best part is a whole lot of new experience. One can be what they want, do what they like, choosing their own routes only if they’re traveling alone. There is no limit on how much you explore. Giving time to yourself, alone, brings creativity and helps in getting out of one’s comfort zone. Some key benefits are :
– mastering your own time- getting more adaptive- a quality break from regular lifestyle- self devising- gaining more experience. The biggest being social distancing right now.


Traveling in smaller groups encourages the tendency of getting social and meeting new people. Small groups can either be of the ones from your workplace or complete strangers. Either way, you push your boundaries and meet new people which might not be a common encounter. In groups, there is a scope to learn a lot. A group tour with 4-6 like-minded people will always end up in a memorable one. Even corporate firms encourage the ideas of their employees traveling in groups. It builds a trust bond and develops a strong sense of understanding among one another. Many clubs offer group travelings. The best part is the expenses are shared, so are the responsibilities. The benefits of traveling in small groups are :
– cost-cutting- meeting new people- learning a new culture- productive- increase communicational balance.


Work during Vacation is a confusing concept but is very vivid in terms of productivity. Working at leisure during a holiday increases your creativity. For entrepreneurs, workation is essential. This trend of shifting to a completely new place for a month or two in order to work out of that space is increasing in 2020. Traveling helps in upgrading and generalizing your ideas. Travel refreshes one’s mind and working with a fresh mind is always productive. But it is suggested not to pressurize oneself with workloads. The major benefits are :
– high productivity- refreshing ideas- limitless approaches- no deadline constraints- beneficial for the core development of a firm.

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