Tips and Tricks to Work from Home Productively

A lot of you guys must be working from home now during the lockdown, and if you’ve never done it before, it can be a difficult adjustment trying to balance work at home. Especially if you’re used to keeping your work separate from your personal life. I have been working from home for the last few years, so here are some tips that may help you get adjusted.

Create a schedule
I know that suddenly there is very little structure to your time, so you have to
make one yourself. Create to-do lists and plans, the day before. This will keep
your life on track and is perhaps the most important part. Also, keep reasonable

Create a morning routine that keeps you productive
Morning shows the day. Do not stay in your pyjamas all day long, get out of bed
and have a good breakfast. Make a cup of coffee. Those are the basics! This is why
some people believe that wearing formals even while working from home is
important. Basically anything to get you started for the day ahead.

Keep your sleep schedule reasonable
If you spend the early hours in bed you will tend to feel less than energetic, and a
reluctance to work. Of course you can wake up later than you would but don’t get
too excited. Try to stick to your normal sleep schedule! However you can squeeze
in a few minutes of power nap if you think it will boost your energy. Staying at
home ruins our daily routine especially for those who are used to getting up and
going to work. Hence it is necessary to have a fixed sleep routine as it kick starts
the day.

Create a workspace
If possible keep your work space away from your bedroom. Choose a room which
will be your temporary office and set a desk. Don’t take you meals or spent your
free time there. Let your family know that this zone is strictly for work and not to
be intruded upon. Making yourself unavailable for a few hours every day will not hurt. In fact it will help create a separation between your work and your personal

Plan things out
If you have a journal, use it. If you don’t just write things down on paper. It is
important that you see clearly what’s done, what isn’t and you know all the
deadlines. It will help you prevent procrastination and make you more productive. It will also keep you motivated.

Don’t forget about breaks
Nobody is giving your life structure now. You have to schedule your own breaks. If
your work includes string at a computer or laptop screen for long than give your
eyes some rest once in a while. Set a timer. Get up from your chair after regular
intervals and walk about in your room for a couple of minutes. Maybe include a
few stretches and exercises. This will not only keep you healthy but also
productive because we tend to lose concentration after a period of time.

Set boundaries
Work during your work hours only. This will also help you keep your work from
spilling all over your personal lives. That email that arrives at 10pm can wait till
the next day (unless it’s actually urgent). I work from 10-7 and at 7:30 I shut my
laptop on most days. I still get notifications on my phone, but I check the urgency
and reply as needed. Post your scheduled working hour, spend time with your
family and give time to yourself.

Sure, the couch is comfy, but after a while it’s going to ruin your back. Work at a table as much as you can. Standing desks go well with some people too. This will keep off unwanted back aches. Posture is important!

Hope these tips help! It might take some time before you get used to it but you
will get there eventually. Every new routine takes some time. These are tough times and we are all in this together. It will affect everyone differently, but none
of us are really alone right now. I hope everyone is doing okay. Sending love to all.

Disclaimer – some pictures are taken from Google!

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