Warren And Tricomi Salon & Spa – Novotel Goa

After a ceaselessly hectic routine all I wished was for a place where I could just relax & refresh myself.  And the Warren and Tricomi Spa at Novotel Goa as suggested by one of my friends was just the right place where we landed in.  The hotel consisted of spa, gym, swimming pool with pool side bar.  I had a one day stay.  A unique thing was Warren and Tricomi Spa was  despite being in Goa, it wasn’t created on a beach side, rather amidst lush green surroundings where all that prevailed was peace and tranquility.  

Warren and Tricomi

I chose the Swedish massage.  It was in a wooden Balinese style hut with washroom, sunken double tub & a changing room.  The ambience itself seemed so detoxifying. As I entered into the room, a very soothing music was being played.  Half of my body had already begun to de-stress itself.  The therapy session begun with warm water soak for feet in rosemary & eucalyptus salts.  The aroma of herbal oils was all so nerve soothing.  Lime & ginger oil were used for the massage & as the massage started I began to feel lighter.  All the stress & tension seemed to wipe away.  It felt like I was being lifted in gentle arms.  The massage was continued by a wonderful exfoliating scrub.  It was like each & every part of the body was being healed.  The scrub totally toned the skin.  Basil & marigold sand polisher were used that consisted of fine white sand, leaving the skin smooth.  The kokum butter and honey wrap made the skin glow.  It was food for the body as well as the mind.  All the pain just seemed to vanish away like magic.  The staff at Warren and Tricomi Spawas very courteous & hospitable & overall a very hygienic place.  All in all, it was an absolutely overwhelming and rejuvenating experience.  It would be wonderful to go back again to Warren and Tricomi Spa.

Warren And Tricomi

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