Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.” But, amidst a sea of beauty products and skin care variants the consumer stands lost as to where this investment is supposed to be made. Sailing through the uncountable waves, there floats atop the Watsons Moisturising Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract.

Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask

The packaging of Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask draws attention, in a subtle manner. The sleek structure makes it a convenient travel companion, and the cool colours, a definite, refreshing requirement. The mask is a sheer sheet of subtle smelling essence, hydrating the skin for throughout the day. This lightweight water based formula, really gets absorbed into the skin, making it soft and supple.

However, this property, can be observed in a number of skincare products. So why should one turn to this particular accessory?

Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask

This is because Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract does not contain alcohol, and completely paraben free. Parabens are essentially a kind of preservative, widely used in cosmetic products to prevent the growth of bacteria, and increase the shelf life of the product. But it is a harmful component with carcinogenic properties. Parabens may disrupt hormones or mimic estrogen, which is thought to promote breast cancer in some women. Other than the health hazards, some people have a general interest in paraben free products, and so Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask becomes a necessity inside the travel kit! Since the product is alcohol free as well, it doesn’t contain the ethanol replacements of parabens as well.

Former model Josie Maran claims that Paraben free products are not of inferior quality, but are in fact luxury with conscience. And this wonderful holiday find of Malaysia, is, indeed a luxury, as just a couple of minutes with it takes away the dryness of the skin and makes it appear nourished, just like magic.

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