Tips to Make Luxury Travel More Affordable

Everybody needs a getaway now and then from the tedious and monotonous routine and what better way than to spend few days luxuriating and vacationing at some touristy place.That’s easier said than done, from here to bring the moolah! In this article I am going to tell you how to make luxury travel more affordable. This is one of the most asked question on my DMs on Instagram after “how I travel so frequently”, so I thought of covering this. About how I take care of my travels, I will blog about that too. Here are some tips to plan a relaxing, luxurious but cost-effective vacation. Of course extravagance is very much subjective, still I believe if certain measures are taken into consideration, it can be moderately affordable.

If you can avoid the peak season and plan your holiday in some what slack season then it’s a fact that rates for hotels and flight are much lower. Also if you can compromise on week days instead of weekends and on timings of arrival and departure of flights you can get a good deal.
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Booking Well Ahead
Booking the hotels and flights well in advance is a good way to ensure a reasonable deal. Avoid planning it at the last moment to save expenses. It also gives you an upper hand at negotiating parts like in-resort credits, free airport parking. For example once I called up the hotel and they gave me better rates than what I could see on the internet. So there is no harm in getting in touch with the hotel directly.

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Save Accordingly
If holidaying is important for you then saving for it follows logically. Save on regular basis and invest in the schemes that give good returns. Use apps to avail cashbacks on flights tickets and various other travel vouchers. Start collecting miles to saves on flight tickets.

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Go through exchange rates carefully
Don’t just get your money exchanged anywhere rather look carefully who is offering the best deal and how much commission is being charged. Airport exchange rates are always more expensive so try and contact local stores outside. if you are exchanging at the airport, make sure you ask them if they have the option of buy back at the same rate. When you are in gulf countries (example : Dubai or Oman)search for Indian supermarkets (example : Lulu) they will always have the best rates. Always carry a bill if there is a maximum amount of money you are allowed because you never know when you require it.

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Book Wisely
There are absent nouns with each option. The important thing is you go through both alternatives carefully. Travel agents generally have good terms with hotel owners and tour operators that can fetch good discounts where as if you plan your trip yourself then you get a fair idea of what you’re signing into.

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Pick your destination carefully
The hidden cost may vary from place to place. Like taxi fare, meals cost, sightseeing. These differences can really add up and make your holiday way expensive. Emerging holiday destinations are often more affordable than already well known places. And it’s actually fun to explore the unexplored. For example if you book a destination in peak season obviously it will be more expensive.

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Travel in a group
Big groups tends to get bargain that otherwise would have eluded them. You economise in travel cost. Also two or three families sharing a large luxury rental property is likely to be less extravagant than multiple rooms in a comparable hotel.
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Splurge at the right place
If you want to be extravagant, be where you get maximum returns. For instances if you are staying at a rental property with a kitchenette, you need not always go out for meals. Travelling business class for not very long journey, means paying too much just for little extra leg room in front row can be certainly avoided. So, thinking wisely always helps.
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Roaming Costs
Buying a local SIM card is wiser than enduring expensive international roaming cost but if you can save that cost by using skype or whatsapp calls, you can do that too. Also, before traveling you must call up your service provider and ask about roaming costs since mostly Vodafone has the best offers.
Hope these points will help you in planning your vacation in a better way. If you have any questions you can always ask me!

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