Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo

If you have been following my blog for long enough you would know how desperately I have been looking for a shampoo that suits my hair type. The Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo and conditioner are the most promising one that I have used so far. The authenticity and effectiveness of  Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo has greatly impressed me.

Wella Oil Reflections Luminous

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 Today’s dusty and polluted environment have left the hair all rough and unruly increasing the need for intense nourishment of the hair. Since I have begun using this shampoo it has left my hair all smooth, soft and most importantly I do not have to worry about greasy scalp. What irritates me the most is greasy hair, especially during winters because of my oily scalp. But it has given a clean scalp and fine texture to my hair. Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo foams well in water and you do not require much product at all. I got the sample size in my Envy Box last month and I had to buy it because I loved it so much. Right after the shampoo, the conditioner  makes my hair unentangle easily. The mild aroma it leaves behind is to die for. I have realised that my hair fall has reduced to a great extent as well. I feel that I don’t have to be too careful with my hair as it is a complete hair care package in itself that reduced the need for other hair products. Previously there was a needless botheration since my scalp secretes so much oil. It has wiped away all my worries about my greasy hair and having the need to wash my hair everyday. It is after using this shampoo that I realised that there is no shampoo that has made me feel this way. Thanks to the launching of this product in the market. Would I buy Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo again? Yes, definitely but the only thing that despairs me about this product is that its not SLS free. The price of  Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo is on the higher side, it is 975 rupees for 250ml but totally worth the price and it lasts for more than two months. So go give it a try if you have similar hair problems like mine!

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