Zara’s Infamous Chain Print Trend

While I was shopping for my trip to Oman I came across a multitude of fashion trends in Zara. It’s fall winter collection is a massive hit with so many products releasing every week it actually becomes hard to pick the best and among them was a dress having distinct chains printed all over it that I could not resist from buying. When I put up a picture wearing this dress I got a lot of questions about it. Some even thought that I was wearing a Gucci dress but I picked it up from Zara. Chain prints have taken over shirts ,dresses and even skirts. Coming in bold styles and ditching the classic brown ,white ,green even yellow, designers have proven that snakeskin is by no means confined to Earthy hues. It’s surely adds a certain class and spunk to your wardrobe.

Chain prints and snake prints have completely taken over fashion and its proved so popular that everyone from influences to editors are sporting the style in some form. We can only expect this thundering trend to stock the shelves in the coming months.

Another very interesting craze that’s in vogue right now is scarf print. Fashion has a way of repeating itself every twenty years. This chic retro print is back with a stylish makeover. It’s so experimental and can transform your body language and attitude tremendously. It can be paired with denims, satins, strappy sandals as per the occasion and your mood. Ditch all your monotonous blacks and don in these multihued scarves and make a statement without trying too hard.

This dress can even become your desk to drinks outfit and make you look all lit!

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